Streletzky, Kathryn | RiverRun: Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment

Streletzky, Kathryn | RiverRun: Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment


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A strange visitation while kayaking wild rivers leads Kathryn "Mothra" Streletzky into a very personal exploration into the possibility of "life after life."

This book reveals the wondrously strange and compelling events that brought this whitewater kayaker to the Monroe Institute® for the first time.

Mothra's world has been ripped wide open. Her friend Scott drowned on the day she was to meet him, and her sister has been diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease. Kayaking wild rivers offers the feeling of transcendence along with the threat of oblivion. She'll take either one. 

Escaping to Mexico for the holidays, Mothra spends a grueling day and an unexpected night in a remote river canyon. Though she doesn't believe in life after death, her friend Scott "visits" and delivers a strange message. Is her mind playing tricks or could this be real? 

Join Mothra's adventure quest both on and off the river, as she discovers a new perspective that will ease her pain and help her sister choose life over time.

A contemporaneous record of the whitewater events in this story can be found in the newsgroup archives at Google. The story of her Gateway Voyage can only be found here. 

Kathryn is now an Outreach trainer for The Monroe Institute® and lives in Sacramento. She continues to kayak whitewater river runs.
AuthorKathryn Streletzky
Available inPaperback
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I was initially drawn to this book from the perspective of a whitewater kayaking narrative. Where it led was not less than transformative . Loving guides nudging us along a developmental path , sometimes despite much resistance . The author's experience somehow interwoven with my own , leading to my initial introduction and subsequent adventures with TMI.