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Gather with the ancients as culturally inspired music and Hemi-Sync® weave you through time.

Spotted Peccary Music artists Deborah Martin, Mark Rownd and Greg Klamt expertly blend lyrical instruments, rhythmic drums, rich atmospheres and harmonious melodies to awaken the spirit of diverse civilizations. As you open to these multidimensional states, the music evokes the essence of the heart and soul of these indigenous peoples, moving you into a place of reverence and unity. Use Convergence with Hemi-Sync® for transcendent inner journeys and profoundly deep meditations. Instruments featured: Native American and Chinese flutes, ocarinas, Taos drums, keyboards, turtle rattles, straws, cymbals, Tibetan hand drum, bells and bowls.

Related Feedback: Expanded Awareness, Meditation & Spiritual Growth, Relaxation & Stress Management

Other Metamusic® titles by Deborah Martin are Beneath the Moon and Dimensions in Time.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

CD length55 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products

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I don't know that one would use this for meditation, but for background ambience music or pleasure listening, it is a nice collection of several interesting segments utilizing percussion, flutes, occasional bells, etc.... The music has a mellow cadence. The fidelity is excellent so if you have a nice speaker system it does sound nice.

I have no regrets getting this piece.