Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth


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John Gregorius mixes acoustic and electric music with fingerstyle guitar and ambient textures, creating a peaceful space for you to contemplate the splendor of life.


Hemi-Sync® frequencies harmoniously blend with this gentle and uplifting music, providing a perfect environment for quiet reflection and deep relaxation. Instruments include: acoustic, electric and ebow guitars, fretless bass, drums, udu and mallet drums, and electronic textures.

Another Metamusic title by John Gregorius is Path to Peace.

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Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.


CD length44 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products

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I don't know whether "Heaven and Earth" is an overstated title, but John Gregorius' guitar work is excellent. If you appreciate the guitar, you will like his compositions.

Tho the album appears as one track, there are many separate pieces that this guitarist has developed. This album is currently one of my primary albums for background music.