Octaves of Light

Octaves of Light


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Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation.

International recording artist Eluv has created a unique blend of world music and sound based on her divine inspiration to help others. Combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies to bring balance and harmony, this delicate and beautiful music also supports the benefits of energy and bodywork. Instruments featured: Didgeridoo, Tubular Bells, Crystal Singing Bowls (in the key of the heart chakra) Native American Flute, Indian Flute, Keyboards, Chimes, Shenai, Tabla, Pipa, nature sounds, and Eluv's captivating voice as a celestial instrument on select tracks.

Related FeedbackEnhanced Well-Being, Massage and Bodywork, Relaxation & Stress Management

Another title by Eluv is Chakra Meditation, a verbally guided meditation.

CD length63 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products