The Shaman's Heart

The Shaman's Heart


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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system that helps one remain “heart centered” in the face of adversity—a hallmark of spiritual maturity that Don Juan referred to as traveling “a path with a heart.”


The spellbinding shamanic stylings of Byron Metcalf, and guest artist Steve Roach are combined with Hemi-Sync to transport you into the infinite heart-space dimension. For optimum results, listen to this experiential composition in one session—preferably in a darkened, meditative environment. Instruments featured: buffalo and frame drums, hybrid toms, didgeridoo, ocarinas, udu, shamanic rattles, and percussion.

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Other titles by Byron Metcalf are: Deep Time Dreaming, Medicine Work, Spirit Gathering, The Shaman's Heart II, The Shaman’s Heart Program and and Spirit Gathering.

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CD length73 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products