Wisdom of the Heart

Wisdom of the Heart


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Based on his critically acclaimed series Ambiology, Grammy award winner Barry Goldstein has compiled the most conducive pieces for uniting the heart and mind.


These pieces are all composed at a tempo that is consistent with the heart at a relaxed state, allowing the listener to reach a deep state of relaxation effortlessly. Ambient textures and soothing melodies work beautifully with Hemi-Sync® frequencies to create a peaceful environment for maintaining inner balance, nourishing body, mind and spirit, and remembering the splendor of life. Instruments include piano, keyboards and various synthesizers.

Related FeedbackExpanded Awareness, Massage and Bodywork, Meditation & Spiritual Growth, Relaxation & Stress Management

Other Hemi-Sync® titles by Barry Goldstein are Cosmic Consciousness and Your Heart’s Song.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

CD length59 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products