Exploring Other Lives

Exploring Other Lives


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Knowledge of other lifetimes can bring clarity and insight to your present life, helping to remove blocks, discover unknown talents, cultivate new attitudes, and create a sense of well-being.

Lee Stone, who has been conducting past life regression sessions and facilitating timeline therapy workshops for many years, guides you on an extraordinary journey to remembering these other significant incarnations. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help you move beyond time and space to relax deeply into stillness as you expand your consciousness and gain insight into your life purpose.

Related Feedback​: Enhanced Well-Being, Expanded Awareness, Meditation & Spiritual GrowthPersonal Growth / Self Improvement, Self-Confidence

Other titles by Lee Stone are Connecting with Your Inner Guides, Exploring Our Future, Healing the Inner Child, Inner Healer, and Timeless Peace.

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CD length45 minutes
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