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Venture inward on your personal spiritual quest to a place of wonder, peace and joy. Open the connection with your Higher Self inspired by the magical island setting.

Enjoy your journey as Michael Koch’s inspired musical composition evokes sailing on a vast ocean. Out of the white mist, a beautiful island emerges. You venture inward. As you go deeper and deeper into the island, you rest for a while and then move toward a golden gate. It opens to lead you to cross the threshold into the innermost part of the island, of You. As you reach the end of your journey, feel in perfect harmony with this special place. (Blended with SAM technology). Instruments featured: Piano, guitar, flute, strings, table, sitar, tanpura, synthesizers, natural and electronic soundscapes and textures.

CD length30 minutes
Produced ByThe Monroe Institute

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At first I used this SAMusic CD for background music. Then I happened to listen to it through headphones and found it most pleasant. The CD is comprised of one song. It has an opening and closing portions with an apparent SAM segment in the middle. The closing helps signal the end of the track for myself.

I use this CD for relaxing ventures/visits to one of my favorite "focus destinations" as opposed to "Free Form Focus" tracks that I used for specific goals. As a result I've come to appreciate the utility of the SAM technology.

Note I have not tried this track with stereo speakers in a room - simply with headphones - so I cannot comment about that environment.