Awaking Consciousness



In his book, "Far Journeys", Bob Monroe introduced the concept of Escape Velocity . . . not in reference to his out-of-body experiences, but as a way of explaining how we can break away from the seemingly never ending Earth-life cycle. In his view, this was to be done by collecting "energy" from the original creative source during our lifetimes and thereby awaking consciousness and attaining escape velocity. He sometimes referred to the lack of escape velocity, and the subsequent Earth-life entrapment belief system, as being "terra-fied". In Bob's last book, "Ultimate Journey", his nonphysical EXCOM or Executive Committee brought up the idea of Escape Velocity once again. Bob was told that as one attains this velocity, so to speak, one achieves freedom . . . not for just eternity but infinity . . . an interesting choice of words from EXCOM's point of view.

The poignant video depiction of Escape Velocity is the work of Australian filmmaker Martin Taylor who produced it as a gift to The Monroe Institute.