The Gateway Voyage: A Family Affair

The Gateway Voyage: A Family Affair

Adam and Richard Tilson
Focus | Winter/Spring 2004


I'm Adam Tilson and I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and I'm sixteen years old. My Dad was always interested in meditation, consciousness expansion, and the Monroe system, but I never really was. He took several Monroe courses and then became a GATEWAY OUTREACH trainer. He had been putting on OUTREACH workshops for several years, when I decided that I should give it a try in May of 2003. I was a bit disappointed. I had assumed that if Hemi-Sync® was working you should have an immediate profound change. But my experiences were much subtler. As the tapes progressed, instead of making myself open to the subtle experiences I began to feel like I was having troubles. I became somewhat annoyed and that didn't help at all. Finally, I realized that I should just let go and let whatever happened happen. Then I began seeing things that I knew were not just my imagination. That had been happening all along but I was too wrapped up in my expectations to notice.

My father and I always traveled every other February during my school's winter break. This year he came up with the suggestion to go to TMI for a Gateway Voyage® . I wasn't really sure because of how I'd felt about the workshop. In the end it must have been fate. I packed my bags and prepared for what turned out to be the ride of my life. I tried to enter the GATEWAY VOYAGE® with no expectations whatsoever and just let the experiences--no matter how unimportant seeming--come along. Near the end of the week I had met some amazing people but as far as the tape sessions, as much as I tried to have no expectations, they were still there. Fearing that this might be the workshop all over again, I kept an open mind. I'm sure glad that I did because, during one of the last tapes I experienced an amazing enlightening moment. I got the impression that the moment was waiting for me all along, and only showed up when I finally started to trust and enjoy the process. The GATEWAY VOYAGE® gave me a new outlook on my spirituality and a new outlook on life in general. I left it feeling completely fulfilled but at the same time wanting more. It was as if a whole lifetime had passed in that week, yet it was the fastest week of my life.

I'm Richard Tilson and I am honored to be Adam's Dad. I've been interested in The Monroe Institute® since reading Robert A. Monroe's first book Journeys Out of the Body in 1980. Finally in February of 1997, after seventeen years of intent, I made it down to Virginia for my first GATEWAY VOYAGE®. Next to having my kids this was the most wonderful experience I'd ever had. I've tried to take a course about once per year as a special gift to myself.

On one of my trips I discovered a course called TDAP (Trainer Development and Assessment Program). It teaches how to put on a weekend workshop using the Hemi-Sync® technology. So I took TDAP in June of 2000. TDAP graduates must put on two workshops with a mentor in order to become an accredited OUTREACH Facilitator.

I am always telling people that one of the most intimate, romantic things they can do with their partner is to go to The Monroe Institute® together. But, in my opinion the closest thing to unconditional love that most people encounter in this reality is their interaction with their kids. Going to TMI with your son or daughter is one of the fullest experiences that a parent can have. I was glad that Adam could not decide on a destination in February and was open to attending the GATEWAY VOYAGE®. He has a profoundly deep spiritual nature and a conscious understanding of reality that is definitely not mainstream. It was a pleasure to see how readily the warm and courteous, yet diverse, participants and trainers at our GATEWAY VOYAGE® accepted Adam--regardless of his youth. This kind of interaction with fellow participants makes the Monroe experience overwhelmingly enjoyable. I would often hear comments like "Oh I hope I can come here with my son or daughter one day." Everyone seemed to enjoy Adam and I was thrilled to share the wonderment of The VOYAGE with him. Adam's comment, "How can a week be so full and yet pass so quickly?" was true for me as well. Adam is hooked and wants to know when we're going back again!

Richard Tilson was born in a small Ontario town near the Minnesota border and migrated west with his parents to the prairie town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He is a businessman and a farmer. As well as being involved in a channeling group, Rick enjoys leading EXCURSION workshops as time permits. His son, Adam, was born in Moose Jaw and is currently in the eleventh grade. An honor student, Adam likes computers and has a talent for understanding technological devices. He is attracted to a career in engineering but at this point his favorite class is law. Adam's giving heart leads him to view everyone as a friend and activities like attending the GATEWAY VOYAGE® with his father nurture his reserved and philosophical nature.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

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