Creative Flow Workshop

Creative Flow Workshop

Robert N. Williams
Focus | Winter/Spring 2004

On the last weekend of February 2004, eighteen participants gathered together with trainer Macca Patricia Peters at Robert's Mountain Retreat to enjoy the cozy ambiance, each other's company, and to experience opening themselves to the all-pervasive energy available to every being.

After each of us shared his or her expectations, the "ice" was broken. Then the whole was separated into four groups to become involved in expressing their own existing or latent talent. Painting was the first vehicle for accessing our inherent natural ability.

Group participation allowed us to witness how creativity is enhanced and sparked into being by exposure to the work produced by others. Think that you're not up to snuff in the arts? You say that you're no Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or Andy Warhol? No problem! Each individual is lit or kindled into awareness of his or her own capacity by the group energy. This was a most remarkable event to behold.

There was a musical "interlude" in Robert Monroe's cabin, the place where Ultimate Journey was written, and the creative flow was most abundant. You say that you're not talented musically, not the same caliber as Mozart, Bach, Gene Krupa, or Jimmie Hendrix? No problem! Melding with the group exposes everyone's natural talent for creating the sound that produces the rhythm that forms the music. The energy that is generated is awe inspiring.

Then, there was the night when mandalas or merkabas created by a computer program were projected onto a wall. The intricate patterns were a pleasure to view. But there were yet more possibilities for creative expression. One of the participants asked to be "mandalized." This entailed standing before the projected image and moving the body in ways that flowed in syncopation with the image and music-an absolutely spontaneous free association. Then many others wanted to take a turn and express their oneness with the mandalas or merkabas. This art expression within art expression was further evidence of unbounded human creativity.

The program concluded with each participant interpreting the art works they created during the "free" periods of the workshop. This provided further proof that creative flow is in constant motion within each individual and readily available to be translated into an expression of humanity's essential oneness.

EXISTENCE is a path of BEING that is INFINITELY creative.

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