Heartline: A Sleeper That Will Wake You Up!

Heartline: A Sleeper That Will Wake You Up!

Leslie Sorg Ramsay
Focus | Winter 2002


I want to live! That’s what I felt after a week at The Monroe Institute attending the Heartline program. Before HEARTLINE, I had been emotionally crushed over the death of my husband. I married for the first time four years ago at the age of forty-seven. My husband had terminal cancer when we married and died seven months later. The emotional high of finally finding “the love of my life” to the low of losing him couldn’t have been more extreme. I was a graduate of three other TMI programs and I was learning about Hemi-Sync, but never quite “got it” (by my definition). Still emotionally burdened by the heavy loss of my husband, Walter, and the powerful need to communicate with him, I had high expectations for each program. But HEARTLINE was different.

Previously, I had no interest in attending HEARTLINE because I hadn’t felt the need to focus on my heart, which was raw—having already taken enough of a pummeling in grieving the loss of my husband. Also, I assumed the program was probably “psycho-babble,” so those attending would be emotionally less mature. I am outgoing and express my feelings easily, so learning to open my heart did not resonate. However, my battered heart needed a lengthy and gentle massage, so I signed up for HEARTLINE. I also knew a week at TMI would provide the physical rest I needed and my mind could travel farther than any airplane could fly. Also, I knew the programs ALWAYS revealed something unexpected, so I arrived with an open mind.

HEARTLINE and the twenty-four hours after it ended, plus continuing conversations with fellow attendees and other TMI graduates, had my head popping with revelations from the enormous experience and how the week had changed my life. The tools gained will guide me into extraordinary future adventures in this life, and beyond. After numerous attempts to communicate with my inner guidance, I finally relaxed and “got it.” My inner communications are almost humorous now because I have “someone” to talk to at high speed, with rapid-fire questions and answers. Also, I have patience to wait for the answers now because I know they will come. And, my late husband and I definitely communicated, so I was able to release the emotional pain without losing the depth of my love for him.

I also communicated with my mentor-mother, still alive but recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This was of enormous comfort to me because it had been so painful when she didn’t recognize me. I avoided contacting her for months because I felt we were not really communicating. Not so, I learned. She came to me in spirit and clearly communicated during one of the tape exercises. We even visited with her “children,” twelve cats now dispersed to separate homes. Now, when I speak with her in person I am comfortable since I know that we are communicating—even if she doesn’t recognize me. I know that we are hugging emotionally and sharing deep love for each other. Later that week I called my sister-in-law, who also has Alzheimer’s. Even though she got her facts mixed up, I was totally at ease knowing that at some level, she understood our conversation perfectly and was able to receive my love for her.

Since my HEARTLINE experience taught me how to communicate with someone physically alive but mentally off, I discovered that I could now communicate with people I don’t have chemistry with professionally or socially. I now talk with them through their higher energy levels, so my earthly resistance to their personalities or values does not darken my space.

Also, TMI attendees en masse attract and create a huge energy high—much more concentrated energy than any one person could attract or bask in. One realizes how high they have been when the program ends. The breadth of experiences among the group provides many new insights into ways of communicating with different energy levels as well as using the information practically and productively. The week was full of joy and laughter. We danced alone and together. The love and spirit of the individuals made that possible. This fullness of emotion and fun happens at every TMI program, but I clearly needed the laughter and joy for heart healing at HEARTLINE. The outside barriers and facades of our lives disappeared and we had a great time, while gaining tools and insight that would make our lives more fulfilling.

My transition from TMI to home brought another surprise. I unexpectedly adopted a dog named Bailey. I kept that name because at HEARTLINE I was reminded of Jimmy Stewart’s character in It’s a Wonderful Life. Named George Bailey, he, too, learned to want to live again. Bailey is my daily reminder that I want to live again.


On Thanksgiving Day, after visiting with my late husband’s family, I boarded a train to New York. As I sat down, my wedding ring got caught on a metal piece attached to the chair seat, pulling so hard the gold ring split in two (without taking my finger off!). Was it another sign to let go of Walt and love again on this earth? No doubt. The conductor who told me to report it to Amtrak officials was named Mr. Bailey.

Before being catapulted into the world of subtle energies, Leslie Sorg Ramsay had plenty of earth adventures—through her work in public relations and marketing at the White House, with international cultural programs, and currently as an executive recruiter who helps people to improve their lives, not just change jobs. The foundations of her life crashed in 1997. That year she lost her mother and mentor-father, and at age forty-seven she also became a first-time bride and widow. Although she had driven by TMI numerous times when visiting a long-time family friend, it wasn’t until her husband’s death that Leslie asked, “What’s The Monroe Institute?” The answer immediately got her attention. She read Bob Monroe’s three books and signed up for the GATEWAY VOYAGE in 1998, then did GUIDELINES in 1999 and LIFELINE in 2000, followed by HEARTLINE and EXPLORATION 27 in 2001.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

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