Experiencing HEARTLINE

Experiencing HEARTLINE

Connie Callahan, MA
Focus | Winter/Spring 2007


I am prefacing this writing with some of the events that unfolded for me before HEARTLINE began. In preparation for HEARTLINE, I gifted myself by listening to the new Hemi-Sync® CD The Shaman’s Heart and then participated in LIFELINE. Both of those “journeys” opened my heart to receive the never-ending events that unfolded during HEARTLINE. In addition, I bought and read a novel, The Shift, which also helped “set the stage” for subsequent gifts of pain and joy.

I was blessed with the presence of three other travelers—two men and one woman—from LIFELINE who joined me in HEARTLINE. Throughout our previous week together we had built a framework of trust, honesty, and sharing of unconditional love. These “gifts” were brought forward into our next journey to share with our new “family.”

HEARTLINE provided many wonderful journeys. The “lines” traveled into different dimensions and vibrations of energy. There were many mirrors that reflected past pains and traumas from childhood and over the span of my adult life. Other “lines” led to mirrors that reflected aspects of my true being and essence that had been hidden away because it was not safe to “let my life shine.” I allowed myself to reenergize my “light” and vowed never to hide again, from others or myself. The energetic vibrations of my heart space responded with appreciation and expansion. Aspects of my true essence, as well as an endless number of guides and assistants, grandly attended the concluding “welcome-home party.” Unconditional love and joy filled every cell of my body, and tears full of gratitude flowed. A beautiful calmness was omnipresent. The week, however, was just beginning.

Our group benefited from the awesome presence of ten men. Each brought with him a willingness to begin to challenge his beliefs—thought forms and programming received as a child and throughout adult life. These included what a male is supposed to be and do, such as not showing feelings and emotions. It was such a beautiful witnessing to be a part of the love energy circle that gave them permission to shed their armor. Their pain and fear began to melt away and their “Being” came forward. This willingness allowed a balance of male/female energies to flow forth: a beautiful gift to the whole group.

Six women were present, including the two female trainers. Each of us received as many loving gifts—from within and from each other—as we were willing to receive. I feel that many “love” seeds were planted. It will be exciting to learn how each of us tends to our garden. I speak more of the men because most of the workshops and trainings that I’ve previously attended have had a majority of females. This has also been true of professional meetings and workshops. It was heartwarming to witness men who have the courage of heart to be receptive to a high level of personal/spiritual processing.

Extraordinary shifts of consciousness and healing unfolded throughout the week. It was so wonderful to be walking our paths with men who wanted a fuller spiritual life, as well as expanded, ego-less personal lives. This also held true for us women. Our trainers—a.k.a. tour directors—were quite wonderful. I appreciated both their authenticity and their professionalism.

Through HEARTLINE and the synchronized presentation of METAMUSIC®, I traveled out into the Universe as well as into Mother Earth. At each location there were precious gifts to choose from, and afterward, I always came home to my Heart.

Reviewing what I’ve written about my “travels,” I see that they represent metaphors for my daily life and living. We all have internal road maps as well as those that help us navigate through the external world. When I went “out there” to assist others, I also found parts of myself that were calling for release and freedom. The tactile and “stretching” activities that are part of HEARTLINE helped me access deeper levels of integration on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Some of those activities assisted unconscious aspects of my being to come forward, thus continuing the release and healing.

HEARTLINE is unique among TMI residential programs in that we were not to share with each other what we did professionally. That gave us the freedom to be, to explore, and to observe each other as human beings without defining ourselves by our work. At the end of the program, we were asked to share what we thought people’s professions were. That was fun in itself. After we disclosed our professions, one participant came to me and said, “Had I known what you did for a living, I probably wouldn’t have talked to you.” My response: “That would have been a loss for both of us.”

This week of “traveling” taught me again that the Greatest Gift we can give ourselves is Ourselves: teamwork between our body, mind, and spirit. The Greatest Gift we can give to others is the Authenticity of our True Selves. Sadly, this particular life adventure had to come to a close. For many, however, the journey had just begun.

For thirty-eight years Connie Callahan has been a licensed marriage and family therapist. She received a master’s degree in counseling from San Francisco State University and works with couples, individuals, and children. Children affected by traumatic experiences—including physical and sexual abuse—are of particular interest to her. During the past four years, she has been blessed with more men coming into her practice with a commitment to explore personally as well as spiritually. Connie believes, “You have to be people-oriented, empathetic, and willing to assist people in making life changes.” That perspective makes her especially qualified to assess the life-changing potential of HEARTLINE.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

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