The Bob McC ...Incident

The Bob McC ...Incident

Jack Auman
Focus | Spring 1994


I would like to share an incident that occurred to me after attending the June 1993 Lifeline program at The Monroe Institute.

The incident began on Tuesday morning, July 6, 1993. While listening to the Metamusic tape Downstream, I was attempting to regress myself to an earlier lifetime in which I perceived I was a radio operator on a World War II bomber. My main purpose for attempting the regression was to gather information about my "World War II self" that could possibly be verified.

With what seemed about five minutes of tape remaining, the name "Bob McC." came into my head. When the tape finished, I pondered the experience and what sort of information it might provide me. My intuition guided me to the local telephone book and I found listings for R. J. McC. and R. J. McC., Jr. The odds seemed good that "R" might stand for Robert. Since my current physical life cycle began in 1948, I thought I might have some connection with R. J. McC., Sr. I decided to first call R. J. McC., Jr., the intent being to ask him about his father. There was no answer.

Next I called R. J. McC., Sr. An elderly woman answered. I identified myself and said that I was doing research on World War II. I told her that I'd come across the name "Bob McC." And needed some information about Bob. The woman said he was in the other room and asked if I would like to talk to him. I was elated that at least I had located a person matching the name that came to me! When Bob came to the phone, I again identified myself and stated my purpose. Bob said he'd be glad to answer my questions. He indicated that he had been in the Air Force during World War II for three and one-half years and had remained stateside. I thanked him for the information and ended the conversation. In retrospect, I regretted not asking Bob more questions. I did not plan the phone call nor the line of questioning very well. But at least I had gleaned a few facts about Bob McC.

I phoned two friends that night to report the incident. For the next few days I tried to decide whether to proceed with this investigation and if so, how. On Friday, July 9, 1993, a new twist developed. I was reading the obituaries in the local newspaper and learned that Bob McC., Jr., had died. He had committed suicide on the Tuesday that I called his father. Bob Jr. was an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War.

The new information confused me. I opened the lines of communication to my spirit guides to ask what message was being delivered. Their reply was: "The message is simple. You've just attended a program that helped you learn to retrieve and assist people who have departed the physical. Your job is to help Bob McC. to Focus 27." That night, using the techniques from the Lifeline program, I found Bob Jr. in Focus 23 in a very agitated state. After calming him, we easily moved to Focus 27, where he is now resting until he decides his next direction.

I'm certain that I did not know either of the McCs in this lifetime. Prior to this incident, I can recall only one exposure to the surname "McC." When I was a boy, there was a grocery store in our neighborhood bearing that name. I have verified with two family members that the grocery store owner was named Thomas McC.

Several questions still remain: What is my connection, if any, to Bob McC, Sr.? Is it significant that the name was given to me approximately nine hours before the suicide? Did the elder McCs remember my phone call or associate it in any way with their son's suicide?

Lifeline participant Jack Auman didn't anticipate applying his new skills when he settled in for some personal exploration. Then the unexpected happened. Jack included a list with the date and time of each event referred to in this account and a parallel listing of his actions in those time frames. The obituary from the local newspaper and the coroner's report were also attached. The family surname is abbreviated to preserve privacy. What information becomes available to us when we open ourselves to it and to service? Jack is still considering the implications of his experience.

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