Back to the Future with Lifeline

Back to the Future with Lifeline

Jacquelyn J. Phillips
Focus | Fall 2001


Lifeline, why would I want to take that program? I have been a hospice volunteer for twenty years; I know as much as I want to know about that sort of thing. How about Exploration 27? That sounds exciting. However, a couple of friends suggested that I should experience Lifeline. So I did.

Arriving at the warmly familiar and welcoming Nancy Penn Center, I checked in. There was the usual sense of excitement, an anticipatory joy in being there again; knowing I would meet people who spoke the same language-fellow travelers, so to speak. That there was fun ahead for us is a given at TMI. I dropped my luggage in the room assigned to me. Was it mere chance that I got the only single available, or does age have special privileges? It is difficult for me to believe that I am actually eighty-three years old, because at heart I feel thirty-eight.

Our introductory meeting in David Francis Hall connected us in a way that was just short of magical. We were a “group” immediately. Then, back in my CHEC unit for the first tape, I set my intent to be of service to some poor soul. Perhaps someone was wandering around, lost and lonely. I would be their rescuer.

Did I get an awakening! I found this skinny little freckled-faced eight-year-old child, who looked so pitifully helpless. She was a part of me that I’d lost without even being aware of it. I took her hand; she melded into me, yet kept her own identity. I felt so complete, so just right. We went to the Park in Focus 27 and built our house together, one that I have dreamed of for a lifetime. It has a roof that rolls back on a starry night at the flick of a switch, smooth and easy. I look up and live with the stars. The house is mostly glass and looks out into the woods on three sides. On the fourth side is THE Ocean, Pacific of course. Now this house of my own design is there to visit or to live in whenever I want. I can change whatever I wish at any time. There’s no contractor to argue with, and construction is immediate. What a glorious gift TMI has given to me through this program called Lifeline.

In the course of her eighty-three years in Earth-school, Jacquelyn Phillips has pursued a variety of professions and interests. Commercial art was her first career. She was a riveter for Douglas Aircraft and later a draftsman for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II. After the war, Jackie married and raised a family, then worked as a real estate broker and agent. In recent years, she has attended the Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines and participated in the Dolphin Energy Club. She is certified at the highest level as a Healing Touch Practitioner. Jackie is the founding director of the Center for Healing Intervention (CHI), which opened in 1997. It was the first--and is still the only--center for integrative medicine on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Jackie is truly young at heart. At Lifeline, she reached back into the past and reclaimed an aspect of herself who joined her in creating a gift for Now.

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