Gary D. Chaikin, MD
Focus | Summer/Fall 2007



STARLINES is promoted as “a program for graduates of EXPLORATION 27® who possess a burning passion for exploration and self-discovery …” My experience proved this to be no idle promise. During STARLINES, a program born from the creativity and spirit of Franceen King, we “learned to travel the wave” into true Kosmic Consciousness, and what a ride it was!

STARLINES, the Program

On October 20, 2007, a small, intimate group of fourteen fellow travelers descended on the Nancy Penn Center to start a unique journey. A number of us had previously taken STARLINES. As with most TMI programs, STARLINES begins with briefing and orientation. Afterward we began our journey into expanded and deeper Focus levels. The latest scientific information from astronomy and astrophysics was presented to us in a multimedia format. The data from different types of telescopes (including the Hubble) and satellites primed the pump of our imaginations. Yet this was only a veneer overlaying something much more profound: an exploration, discovery, and recovery of Self.

The group moved in a parallel process from the Earth to the solar system to traveling the Milky Way. We dove into our galaxy cluster, touring superclusters of galaxies and finally venturing through the galactic core/star gate to what scientists now believe was the source of our Universe: The Great Attractor. Both our awareness of Focus levels and our I-There expanded. Earth Core-27 energy catapulted us from Focus 34/35—the Dimensional Octave of the I-There—to Focus 42, the energy of our I-There Cluster. The tidal wave of awareness raced through Focus 49, the Sea of Bonded I-There Clusters, and finally through the galactic core and gateway to The Great Emitter (perhaps Focus ??).

While before The Great Emitter, we were asked a question: “What do you, as a human, have to offer?” Mirroring Bob Monroe’s experience as described in Ultimate Journey, our answers led to some of us graduating from the human-only Earth Life System (ELS) to the status of Galactic Citizen. This is a new way of being, with new responsibilities and customs, i.e., When in Rome … or When traveling the galaxy … It was a surprising pleasure to learn that ELS graduates—with Earth Core-27 energy, feelings, and astral bodies—are held in high regard in the Universe. We in the ELS really are in this world but not of it.


Through the STARLINES process, we came to a profound understanding of the aphorism “As above, so below.” We also discovered the truth of the beginning of the EXPLORATION 27 affirmation (also used in STARLINES), “I am much more than my physical body…” and human energy. STARLINES delivers as a path to liberation and a portal opening into true Kosmic Consciousness. A member of our group expressed these realizations succinctly while we were discussing encountering extraterrestrials and connecting with their energy at The Gathering, “Aren’t we all ETs? Who isn’t?” Now that’s graduation into galactic citizenship!

As above, so below.
A heart cluster in the stars,
Opening to love.

Dr. Gary D. Chaikin is a practicing psychiatrist in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and specializes in clinical audio-entrainment techniques to create altered states of consciousness. In addition to private practice he assists veterans in adjusting to their military experiences. He attended the GATEWAY VOYAGE in October 1999 and joined the Professional Division at that time. Dr. Chaikin has a special interest in the applications of an integral psychology and is assisting clients to handle difficulties in their lives and evolve their awareness through a biopsychosocial model. In this article he shares his experiences at the October 20–26, 2007, STARLINES program.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

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