Timeless Peace

Timeless Peace


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Experience a meditative state of infinite stillness, where thoughts fall away and you can be nourished by a profound eternal peace. 

Lee Stone’s thoughtful guidance and Hemi-Sync frequencies help lead you into a place of timelessness, providing a deep, restorative sense of being. Features two tracks, each 35 minutes in length. Music by Michel Genest. 

Track 1 contains verbal guidance.
Track 2 is a free-flow for you to create your own timeless experience.

Related Feedback: Enhanced Well-Being, Meditation & Spiritual Growth, Relaxation & Stress Management

Other titles by Lee Stone are Connecting with Your Inner Guides, Exploring Other Lives, Exploring Our Future, Healing the Inner Child, and Inner Healer.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

CD length70 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products