Turtle Island

Turtle Island


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A bedtime story by Patricia White Buffalo and Jane Ely, Ph.D.


An American Indian “Creation” story for bedtime with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies. This delightful tale is about how "two leggeds" came to Turtle Island—the land most people know as North America. It is part of a revered Iroquois oral tradition for conveying spiritual and ancestral knowledge about the origins and history of their native culture. The narrative teaches children the importance of honoring Mother Earth and all of her creatures.

Track 1: Turtle Island voiced by Jane Ely, Ph.D. with Hemi-Sync sleep enhancement to guide your child into sleep.
Track 2: Soothing ocean surf (pink noise) with Hemi-Sync sleep enhancement. Instruments featured: rattle, flute and drum.

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CD length60 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products