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Learn an easy method to improve your mental capabilities with this Hemi-Sync® exercise.

The more you practice the simple encoding cues featured in Retain-Recall-Release, the more proficient you become in controlling your memory. Use these cues whenever you wish to embed information more deeply and permanently into memory, bring desired information into consciousness, or release unwanted thoughts or memories. Retain-Recall-Release is a valuable tool for personal development. This easy method of memory enhancement may be used anywhere, at home, at work, at school or in social situations.

Retain-Recall-Release was one of the exercises in the Progressive Accelerated Learning (PAL) Student and Executive Packages. (The PAL Packages are no longer available.)

Related FeedbackAccelerated Learning, Focused Attention, Frustrations, Learning and Memory, Personal Growth / Self Improvement

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

CD length32 minutes
Produced ByMonroe Products