Exploring Your Past Lives with William Buhlman: 5 CD Set

Exploring Your Past Lives with William Buhlman: 5 CD Set


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This unique 5-CD set contains 4-D technology which is the result of modern scientific research and ancient healing techniques. Precisely tuned soundwaves are used to create binaural beats; inducing self-initiated and controlled altered states of consciousness. This program will help to transport you to a higher state of mind, opening your consciousness to endless possibilities and realities.

In this exciting 5-CD set, you will experience guided meditations, hypnosis and instructional discussions, presented in a home workshop format. Find out how to receive and trust impressions.
During a powerful regression, trace the source of a current problem.
Examine the core of your current relationships.
Help resolve past life issues.
Explore and connect with your spiritual guide or higher self.
Explore the unseen energies that influence your life.
Experience a progression to a future event or lifetime.
Learn to harness your own innate ability to explore expanded states of consciousness.
Alter negative patterns that were created in the past.

About the Author

William Buhlman is considered one of America's leading experts on the subject of out-of-body experiences. His best-selling book, Adventures Beyond the Body, is the first complete guide to self-initiated out-of-body travel. The author's twenty-eight years of personal research and exploration gives him a unique insight into this topic. Over the past decade William has developed a proven, effective system for instructing individuals in safe, controlled out-of-body adventures. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada conducting an in-depth workshop entitled: Out-of-Body Exploration, Discovering the Answers for Yourself. This popular workshop teaches the preparation and techniques needed in order to experience conscious out-of-body journeys. William encourages the participants to explore their spiritual identity...ultimately leading to enhanced intellectual, as well as, physical well-being.

Mr. Buhlman is a certified Hynotherapist. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows nationwide.