Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura


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Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as exotic flute sounds accompany you in a walk along a creek side.

Allow your mind to be cleansed of daily concerns as the cascading water sounds flow over aqua aura crystals. Enjoy profound relaxation, deep meditation and inner peace as your body, mind and spirit are perfectly attuned and balanced. Expand your awareness with musical imagery inspired by Michael Koch. Instruments featured: piano, flute, guitar, choir, table-like sounds, synthesizers, natural and electronic soundscapes and textures. Blended with the latest SAM 2.0 Technology. Other SAMusic titles by Michael Koch: Secret Island.

This song is dedicated to Carol de la Herran (former Executive Director & President of TMI), who made her final transition on July 4th, 2013. Carol's unconditional commitment to, and love of, The Monroe Institute was expressed daily through her actions as leader, administrator, colleague, educator, trainer, innovator, and family member. She will be dearly missed by her TMI family.

CD length30 minutes
Produced ByThe Monroe Institute
Year Produced2014

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This is another track that I initially used for background music. Similar to the SAMusic CD, The Secret Island, I found Aqua Aura to be another wonderful compositions to abide in. Note that both Aqua Aura and Secret Island are composed by Michael Koch.

Aqua Aura begins with music, moves into the main body of the work (containing SAM), and then closes with music. As written elsewhere, I find the closing music helps signal the end of the SAM portion for me. As with Secret Island, I find I am able to achieve some wonderful and sometimes deeply moving moments using this work.

The album consists of one track, approximately 30 minutes long. It is a very nice production.