How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience / Buhlman, William

How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience / Buhlman, William


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Guided training for safely entering the non-physical dimensions.
An audio 6 CD set, produced by Sounds True. A workshop format with many excellent OBE methods included.


  • Be empowered to have your own experience — the ultimate source for
    spiritual insight
  • How to become an effective explorer of consciousness
  • The energy body — separation and control techniques
  • The Ladder, Vortex, Bridge, and many other proven induction methods
  • Contacting loved ones
  • Visual, tactile, and motion based techniques for advanced OBE travel

With How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience you will learn to safely explore this astonishing territory for yourself, to awaken untapped possibilities.

A practical course for entering and navigating Out-of-Body Experiences refined and proven during 20 years of William Buhlman’s workshops, this complete course teaches you the essentials of OBE navigation, including: “pre-launch” exercises for creating a focused and grounded mindset, a core sequence of guided sessions for initiating out-of-body journeys at will, and many advanced techniques for exploring the subtle realms with safety and confidence.


Produced ByBuhlman, William