The 2012 Mindshift: Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

The 2012 Mindshift: Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

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As the date 2012 approached, a growing circle of visionaries believed that the pace of change and transformation in the world was accelerating rapidly. 

What's the best way to adapt to these events? Noted scientist, lifelong meditator, and revolutionary futurist Peter Russell believes that the single most crucial technique is one of the oldest: meditation. Now on The 2012 MindShift, this expert on the 2012 phenomenon offers guided meditations that he personally designed to help anyone stay grounded through these turbulent times.

Peter Russell earned his master's degree in computer science from Cambridge University, and trained as a meditation teacher in India under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He is the author of nine books including The Global Brain, From Science to God, and Waking Up in Time. Russell has consulted with IBM, Apple, American Express, Swedish Telecom, and Shell Oil about a variety of topics including self-development, creativity, stress management, and sustainable environmental practices.

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