Starlines II

Prerequisite: Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines® or Lifeline, Exploration 27® and Starlines I

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Poised at the convergence of science, technology, and consciousness, Starlines II is a blend of physics and metaphysics that builds upon the power of Starlines I. Employing ultra deep Focus level 49, Starlines II strengthens the energetic pathway between earth core and the galactic core, giving you opportunities to explore forms of dimensional shifting.

Starlines II is for you if you are a graduate of Starlines I who desires to optimize your service to humanity, Earth, and your Total Self. In Starlines II you shift into collective states emphasizing integration, connection, and conscious creative expression. This program is so multi-dimensional that it is difficult to summarize, and is often experienced as profoundly personal, even within the context of collective experience.

Explore the Wisdom Paths of Ancient Civilizations that can Assist Us Here and Now.

The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program

Explore teachings from cultures where space-time shifting was accepted and used. You will experiment with emerging patterns of awareness. Simultaneously, Starlines II explores contemporary science, especially physics. As energy supplants form, the role of consciousness moves to the forefront, and the inner and the outer become one. Building on these new understandings, we examine perspectives reminding us that we are not only more than our physical bodies—we are more than the physical universe, more than the infinite parallel universes that science hypothesizes.

Many prophecies about our time period refer to unique alignments between our Earth and the galactic core. Bob Monroe wrote about converging energy streams that would be affecting Earth. In Starlines I, participants become aware of the Stargate of the Galactic Core and learn to “surf” the various energetic pathways and flows that are coming into being. In Starlines II, as visions of possible futures emerge, you will use the consciousness states of F-42 (The I-There Clusters) and F-49 to strengthen your energy body, reclaim internal resources, and channel these emerging energies and patterns into new expressions of possible ideal life and culture in the present.

Monroe Institute Starlines I Program          Monroe Institute Starlines I Program         Monroe Institute Starlines I Program

Attune even more deeply to the voice and consciousness of Earth herself. Examine the nature of our symbiotic relationship with Earth.

In Starlines II you will attune even more deeply to the voice and consciousness of Earth herself. You will examine the nature of our symbiotic relationship with Earth, as the womb that may carry our human expressions to a higher vibration. This is your opportunity to experience more deeply than ever your unlimited nature, your infinitely-faceted multidimensional being, and to contribute on a level not previously imagined.

The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program


Your Guide for this Exploration:  Franceen King


Franceen has been a life-long consciousness explorer, and a TMI Residential and Outreach Trainer since 1986. Over the years sheFranceen 02_0.jpg has designed several TMI programs, including Exploration 27, Starlines, Starlines II, and TDAP (1997). She experienced a major “awakening” in 1971.  Franceen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, ordained minister, and published author.  She has studied a wide variety of healing, metaphysical, and consciousness-expanding teachings and is committed to empowering participants to know better their Total Self and fulfill their highest purposes and aspirations.


Your Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

-NDE 19.jpgTMI is the premier experiential residential education center for exploring expanded states of consciousness.  For the past 40 years, literally tens of thousands of people just like you have attended our residential programs.  People from all walks of life including doctors, engineers, healers, therapists, clergy, homemakers, artists and many more have journeyed to our facilities looking to expand their consciousness and discovering many of the answers to life’s mysteries along the way. 



Our Powerful 5-day/6-night All-inclusive Starlines lI Program Offers:

  • Daily consciousness exploration facilitated by our skilled trainers
  • Semi-private accommodations
  • 3 delicious home-style meals a day
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Transportation to and from airport (see details)
  • Complimentary WiFi and massage therapy upon request (additional fee)

Save when you register early: Discount applies to program balance and not deposit:*

  • Save $400—180 days in advance
  • Save $300—120 days in advance
  • Save $100—90 days in advance

*Program exclusions may apply. Discounts are limited to certain Virginia campus programs.


The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program

Here is what past participants have to say:

"TMI is where magic happens. My absolute favorite place in the world. New friends are a given in this very safe, exciting world Bob Monroe built." ~ Buff Etheridge

"TMI is the most rewarding way you could possibly spend a week." ~ Dave Garland

"Life changing and consciousness changing!" ~ Linda Rogers

Encouraged and assisted by inner guidance, Franceen King developed this program for TMI, drawing on her lifetime of consciousness exploration and contemporary research in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, archeology, and ancient mysteries.

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