Destination: Higher Self

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We are all headed to the life-changing transition of consciousness that we call death.  Are you and your loved ones prepared for your spiritual journey?

In many cultures and religions the process of death and dying is considered a powerful opportunity for spiritual liberation.  What can you do today to enhance your spiritual journey of consciousness?  In this program you will develop your own Spiritual Advanced Directive, learn the practices of an end-of-life coach, and experience techniques that will clear the way for you to achieve escape velocity from the dimensions of density and form.

Prepare Now for your Spiritual Liberation.  Death is Not the End.

Join William Buhlman, acclaimed author and America’s leading expert on out-of-body experience, and his wife Susan, a certified end-of-life doula and Reiki Master, for a 3-day/3-night journey of exploration and end-of-life preparation.  Over the course of your time with us you can, instead of being a curious observer, become an active participant exploring unseen areas of Universe that are available to us.

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Developed by William and Susan Buhlman, Destination: Higher Self! is the first workshop of its kind to teach you how to take effective action and self-direct your awareness beyond the consensus realities of the astral dimension.

In this extraordinary workshop, you will:

  • Become knowledgeable about our continuing evolution beyond physical matter
  • Assist loved ones in their journey by identifying and removing blocks
  • Review lessons from the dying to prepare for your enlightened transition
  • Practice techniques to control and direct your state of consciousness during altered states of awareness
  • Create a sacred space to welcome the transition experience
  • Learn about various nonphysical realities and how they function
  • Learn how to effectively navigate thought-responsive environments
  • Experience extensive guided Hemi-Sync® exercises

Become Spiritually Self-empowered and Break Free from the Limits of Belief Systems.

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Learn How to Take Effective Action and Self-direct Your Awareness Beyond the Consensus Realities.

         This weekend workshop is open to everyone. No prerequisites are required to attend. This unique workshop is only offered at The Monroe Institute twice this year.
We highly recommend reserving your space in advance.

Destination: Higher Self
May 4-7, 2018

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Workshop Co-Developers: William and Susan Buhlman

Bill-Bulman.pngWilliam Buhlman is a leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author's forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures Beyond the Body, chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel and provides readers with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventures.

His newly published book is titled Adventures in the Afterlife. William was inspired to explore the afterlife as a result of his confrontation with mortality following a cancer diagnosis in 2011. His lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences during his treatment and recovery provided mind-bending visions that were so illuminating he felt compelled to journal them. Insights provided in this book will assist the reader to navigate the many thought-responsive environments in the afterlife.

William Buhlman Out-of-Body Experience


Susan Buhlman is a hospice volunteer and a certified end-of-life doula.  It is her passion and her soul’s purpose to provide comfort to those who are actively dying.  As a companion to those in the final hours or days of life, she offers a calming, compassionate presence and, if the patient is open to it, Susan guides him or her through a transitional preparation process. Guided visualizations, positive affirmations, Hemi-Sync and energy healing are a few of the tools that are used to ease the emotional pain and fear of the dying process. As a coach during bereavement workshops, she uses spiritual principles to lessen the burden of loss, leading the way toward a peaceful appreciation of the next conscious steps in our soul’s journey.


Your Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

William Bill Buhlman Out-of-BodyWilliam Bill Buhlman Out-of-Body

TMI is the premier experiential residential education center for exploring expanded states of consciousness.  For the past 40 years, literally tens of thousands of people just like you have attended our residential programs.  People from all walks of life including doctors, engineers, healers, therapists, clergy, homemakers, artists and many more have journeyed to our facilities looking to expand their consciousness and discovering many of the answers to life’s mysteries along the way. 



Prepare to Make the Most of Your End-of-Life Spiritual Journey.  Learn Why Death is Just the Beginning of Our Journey.

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Don't take our word for it.  Here is what people are saying about William Buhlman’s Workshops . . .

"Bill's programs are based in his personal explorations of consciousness, consensus of thousands of others with similar experiences and science. His body of knowledge and personal experiences cut across ethnic, cultural, religious differences and helped me to know that the differences we experience are viewed through the lenses that each person creates in this life. Only two things, birth and death, do not separate us and are the two certainties every human will experience. Bill takes death one step farther to help participants learn that death is another passage, a transition into another reality/dimension and we can explore these other dimensions with conscious intention through our higher self.

I am a retired science teacher and have searched for greater understanding about my past spontaneous out-of-body experiences and spent many years exploring religion and spirituality. I have arrived in a point in my life where I no will no longer believe what others say, I choose to know. I want simple truths about the higher self and tools for consciousness exploration. Bill's workshop(s) provide that for me.  
I would highly recommend this program for any person of any age who is curious, is an explorer and wants to know transition, not death, that we all will experience."
- Nancy S.


"DHS was a great event. Not only did I get to meet some phenomenal people, I loved all of the exercises/adventures in consciousness. Besides getting a better idea about the death process, I feel better prepared to help my transition. This was the first workshop I've taken at TMI and I'm looking forward to the next one." - Cy E.

“This workshop has provided me with the answers I’ve been looking for most of my life.  And they were within me all this time.” - Mike W.

“Wow, what an adventure.” - Paul F.

“I started having out-of-body experiences when I was a teenager.  I couldn’t tell anyone, because they would think I was crazy.  After the question and answer session, I felt good knowing that this is a perfectly natural experience.” - Franceen K.

“It was so exciting.  I can’t wait to get home and practice the techniques.” - Kim Y.

“A totally powerful experience.  If you have ever considered taking a workshop, this is the one!  It is packed with information, techniques and answers to all of your questions on out-of-body travel.” - Carolyn M.

“Bill is wonderful.  The workshop was insightful due to his many personal experiences.  Finally, someone I can talk to that knows what this is about.” - Ken E.

“A refreshing change from the lecture format in so many workshops.  The discussion was lively and the techniques were simple and effective.” - Bob R.

"Destination: Higher Self was a very valuable workshop. I highly recommend it. Amazing." - Jeanne L.

"A special delight to enjoy Bill and Susan as a Team, exquisite balance of skills and wisdom graced by their warmth and love. The generosity of spirit that their work demands is an incredible gift to each participant and to humanity in general." - anonymous

"Everything William and Susan taught in this workshop was invaluable.  Every minute was packed full of practical, easy to grasp information.  A few weeks after I took this program I was in an unexpected hospice situation and was able to assist a person actively dying with confidence and compasion. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone!" - Terri H.


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This Unique 3-day/3-night All-inclusive Destination: Higher Self! Workshop Offers:

  • Daily consciousness exploration facilitated by our skilled trainers
  • Semi-private accommodations
  • 3 delicious home-style meals a day
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Transportation to and from airport (see details)
  • As well as access to walking/hiking trails, complimentary WiFi, and massage therapy upon request (additional fee)


Instruction for this program will be provided by William and Susan Buhlman.  William is the best-selling author of “Adventures Beyond the Body and “Adventures in the Afterlife."  Susan is a Hospice volunteer serving medical facilities and providing home visits.  She is a certified end-of-life doula, Reiki Master, and has experience with bereavement education and workshops.



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Be Prepared to Make the Most of Your End-of-Life Spiritual Journey.

Robert Monroe - The Monroe Institute



Go experience for yourself. ~ Robert Monroe


*Please Note: Every experience in Destination: Higher Self! workshop is unique to the individual.  No one experience is like any other.  Each participant will experience Destination: Higher Self! in ways consistent with their needs and beliefs.

Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.

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