DeMarco, Frank | Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical

DeMarco, Frank | Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical


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We are connected. This book tells us how and why. Rita’s World is a conversation between friends in two worlds: Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world, Frank DeMarco, still in the body.

 While Rita was alive, the two had engaged in weekly sessions in which Rita had asked Frank questions about life, ranging from the simplest to the most profound. He had answered from an altered state of consciousness, speaking for the non-physical beings they called “the guys upstairs” or “TGU.” Those sessions were made into a book, The Sphere and the Hologram, after she died in 2008. Now, seven years after she made her transition out of the physical life (3-D), she returns to the same subjects with a different perspective . . . from her world now. Is life meaningful? Are we somehow important to the world? Is there a way for us in 3-D to visualize and understand the non-3-D world?
Rita’s World answers these questions. Flowing as simply and easily as a conversation between friends, it offers the reader a new way to see the world. It puts the center of life back where it belongs, after centuries of incomplete and misleading answers. What’s more, it shows people by example how to find out for themselves what their life really is, and what it really amounts to. Those who were fascinated by Seth or Edgar Cayce will like this book.

FRANK DeMARCO is the author of nine books rooted in 25 years of psychic exploration, including The Cosmic Internet, Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway, and The Sphere and the Hologram. Since 2005, he has been actively engaged in an on-going series of conversations with various non-physical beings, including historical individuals, “past lives,” aspects of personal guidance, and a generalized group he calls “the guys upstairs.”
Author Residence: Charlottesville, VA

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