Cris Van Cleemput

Cris Van Cleemput

Board of Directors

Since graduating from University, Mr. Van Cleemput has leveraged his accumulated wisdom-from-experience in the people development field. He enjoys a long-standing successful coaching and training career, success with introducing and developing innovative projects, and an impressive list of clients.

As a highly regarded and trusted trainer, coach, and advisor, Mr. Van Cleemput is known for helping people progress, for improving organizational cultures, and for teaching leaders and organizations how to inspire and empower. He enhances the skill sets and confidence of everyone he connects with, to the maximum extent of their abilities. He travels to deliver—to leaders and their colleagues in a wide variety of organizations—keys to success in leadership, management, and individual accomplishment through coaching and training. He loves what he does, helping people to implement new ideas to create value, enabling them to ultimately make their greatest contribution and fulfill their personal dreams.

Mr. Van Cleemput is also passionate and practical about research and development in new science and technology, including consciousness exploration, sustainable free energy (inspired by the vision and work of Tesla), and quantum economics. Two floors of his Center in Antwerp are dedicated to this. He is a member of Dan Winter's engineers team and is also working with Mr. Winters and his biofeedback team. He is a director on the Board of Dr. Amit Goswami.

The Taker Code is a book Mr. Van Cleemput wrote about the balance of giving and receiving; the Magnetic Charisma that this creates, is explored.  The book is a result of coaching successful leaders and discovering the deeper dynamics of how they create impact in the world. Mr. Van Cleemput loves to empower, inspire, and motivate.

An eLearning System, The Connected Coach, is another CYRES creation, based on practical experience, methods, and teachings given at the Center. Mr. Van Cleemput has also produced an interactive online course for the software, where he guides participants, step-by-step, through his Leadership process.  Addressing both The What, and, The How aspects, The Connected Coach is about mobilizing people to jump into a better future.

Before he created his own organization, CYRES, his first position was Assistant Professor. Mr. Van Cleemput holds a Masters Degree in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, and taught Masters students in Engineering during their four years at University College. He was also responsible for overseeing and offering guidance on their final research projects, which is a critical part of their fourth year during which they learn to put their theories into practice and solve electrical, automation, and production issues in the real world. His specialties were electromagnetic fields, electrical machinery, and production systems of electricity. Three years later, Mr. Van Cleemput became their youngest ever Head of Department for Electrical Engineering. He managed a team of 25 professors and assistant professors.

Eventually Mr. Van Cleemput felt he wanted to expand beyond a purely academic environment. He chose the field of information technology because he was interested in IT systems. For two years, he managed and motivated thirty-five IT professionals who were working with the clients. He sold their talents to clients and did follow-up to ensure long-term relationships. In the two years with that sart-up company it grew from four to eighty people.

Next he joined a highly competitive headhunting company where he created a Department of Engineering. There he headhunted the best engineers and placed them with multinationals and medium-sized companies. This was a very commercially driven, go-getter environment, with monthly targets to be met. He positioned the department in the market and brought new clients on board. His department, and one other, were the most profitable of all the departments in the company.

With this background of putting people first, experience in education, business savvy, and listening to the people around him who wanted such a service, Mr. Van Cleemput created a Business and Personal Development company, CYRES (Create Your Reality Experience Self), including a Center, specializing in Leadership excellence.

He and CYRES have been featured in national Belgian magazines and newspapers, where the technologies available in the Center, including Biofeedback and Hemi-Sync®, have been discussed. He received a lot of publicity a few years ago when he became the personal coach to Goedele Liekens, a Goodwill Ambassador to the UN, and now an international celebrity known for psychology and sex education.

Mr. Van Cleemput is fluent in English, Dutch, and French.

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