Carey, C. Chase | Chasin' Meditation

Carey, C. Chase | Chasin' Meditation


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Author Christopher "Chase" Carey, MBA, comes from high levels of the corporate world. Having also followed a path of deep immersion in the world of complementary and alternative healing, he has first-hand experience of how meditation can reduce stress, increase memory and problem-solving capacity, and lead to major improvements in a person’s professional and private life.

A certified meditation instructor with a series of personally developed meditation systems, Carey now shares his vast knowledge in Chasin’ Meditation, an easy-to-read guide that can help you gain the most out of the science of meditation.

In Chasin’ Meditation, you will learn how meditation brings you back to your original architecture and discover the difference between passive and active meditation. You will be instructed in different types of guided imagery meditation, as well as in the Stress Domino system of meditative stress release. And, most importantly, you will realize the power of meditative dialogue with your Inner Essences.

Whether you have a little or a lot of meditation experience, Chasin’ Meditation provides you with new methods and deeper insights that will increase the effectiveness of your meditation—with remarkable results.

AuthorC. Chase Carey
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