Chase Carey, MBA

Chase Carey, MBA

Professional Division Member

Chase Carey spent 20 years in corporate America's health insurance and consulting industry, in significant positions reaching VP of Underwriting for AETNA in the southeast United States. While at AETNA he contacted the Chief Medical Officer telling him of the benefits of a meditation and alternative medicine and offered to help the company become a major force in bringing these techniques to the health insurance industry. He received a courteous reply saying he was just "too far ahead of them". 17 years later, AETNA si teaching its employees' meditation.

In the 1990s his meditation training began at The Monroe Institute outside of Charlottesville, VA where they use audio technology to put participants into sustained, deep meditative states within 20 seconds. (Yes, 20 seconds). In addition, they taught their participants to re-enter these deep meditative states at will, any time, any place. Chase teaches his students to do this too.

His meditation training took him from California to Arizona to the Kansas City area to England and to the Great Pyramid in Egypt where he meditated for an hour in the center of the Kings Chamber.

As a corporate athlete, Chase used these meditation techniques to help him solve complex problems at work and everyday challenges outside of work.

He primarily teaches advanced forms of meditation which are accelerated forms of meditation

He is a certified Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practioner, personal self-intergration teacher, and believe it or not, about a half dozen more things including master scuba diver, background actor in TV and movies, and most importantly, a 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.