Client Populations

These articles examine the use of Hemi-Sync®  with various specific populations: infants, children, adolescents, the elderly, people in hospice, and people in prison or on parole.

Parole from the Inside Out

by Darrell Williams

In this article Darrell shares the details of the GATEWAY Prison Outreach Program and the transformative change it has inspired.

Resonating with Remembrance

by Peter Spiro

Peter Spiro's report about the use of Metamusic® a class of adolescent students in an alternative high school setting demonstrates some of the almost miraculous benefits of Hemi-Sync®. He demonstrates the effectiveness of an environment that alleviates stress and anxiety and supports learning. 

Teen Tapes: A Pilot Study

by Robert Sornson, Ed.S.

The Teen Tapes were a series of twenty-four tapes intended for use by teenagers and educators, focusing on issues that confront teens. Using the Hemi-Sync technology, these tapes offered twenty-five to thirty-minute learning and relaxation sessions for use in school or home.

The Effects Upon Adolescence Behavioral Outburst

by James M. Thomas, Jr. PhD


Children who were clinically diagnosed as “Seriously Emotionally Disturbed” were administered successive regular trials of auditory relaxation tapes with a subaudible combi- nation of sound frequencies. The research tapes were recorded using the binaural evocation technique of Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync®) by way of stereo headset. The children listened to the tape three times a week and incident reports regarding behavioral outbursts were recorded eight weeks prior to and 8 weeks during the time the tapes were being administered. Results suggested that there were significantly fewer incident reports during the time the tapes were being administered.

The Use of Hemi-Sync® to Facilitate Change in Organizations

by Richard (Dick) Gilson and Susan Kuznik

"Their intention is to provide individuals within organizations the ability to expand their consciousness, use their mental capabilities, and become more adept at handling situations that confront them. They have found this works best by focusing on groups and individuals at the middle management level; top management involvement is not required.are Organizational Development (OD) consultants from Ohio who have found Hemi-Sync useful in their work."

Use of Monroe Institute Tapes by Hospice of Chattanooga Patients

by Ruth Domin, MHR

Ruth describes a study from February of 1986, when Hospice of Chattanooga began to investigate the potential of the Monroe auditory system with selected patients.

Use of the Hemi-Sync® Super Sleep Tape with a Preschool-Aged Child

by Leanne Rhodes

Dr. Rhodes describes her use of Super Sleep to modify a youngster’s disturbed and disruptive sleep cycle.