Dolphin Energy Club Comments


Dolphin energy is a metaphor for a capability within the human mind that is not limited to human consciousness, an intelligent yet universal energy. Share the power of group dynamic meditation and make a difference! In 1991, The Monroe Institute® (TMI) established the Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) on this very principal – to promote emotional and physical comfort in times of need using the special frequency patterns of Hemi-Sync®. When TMI’s DEC receives a request for support, members are contacted to focus positive thoughts and healing energy on that person’s behalf.

A Promise Kept

by Dan Bailey

In 1996, Dan Bailey was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of malignant lymphoma. Neither standard treatments nor holistic interventions had a major, lasting impact on the disease’s progress. Then Dan and his wife, Jennifer, followed intuitive guidance and attended a GATEWAY VOYAGE® in 1998. Dan continued to use Hemi-Sync® intensively following the VOYAGE and also requested healing support from the Institute’s Dolphin Energy Club. On January 19, 1999, he shared the outcome in this e-mail message.

Banishing Doubt

by Dirk Dunning

 Despite attending the Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines® (twice), Lifeline® (twice), Heartline, and Exploration 27®, Dirk Dunning still sometimes wondered if his experiences in the far reaches of consciousness could be trusted. In the aftermath of a serious accident, he reaffirmed a Different Overview of anomalous healing and the powers of the mind.

Can Dolphin Energy and Hemi-Sync® Help Conquer Coma?

by Richard Lewis

When he heard that Andy, the son of friends, had been in a coma since a car accident in November, 1997, Richard remembered reading about the Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) on the Web. He obtained parental permission and e-mailed a DEC request for Andy on January 7, 1998.

DEC Dolphins Bring The Healing Home

by Brian Dailey, MD

"I can explain it with three letters: DEC. I haven’t had any chest pain since."

DEC in Depth

This joyous and lyrical report from a DOLPHIN ENERGY CLUB (DEC) recipient, plus feedback from two of those sending healing energy, provides special insight into the DEC process. If you’ve wondered how DEC can work to benefit you or others, here is an excellent example of the possibilities.

DEC Pods

by Maati Rose-Innes

Maati Rose-Innes is a Professional Member of The Monroe Institute and a partner, with Cedric van Heerden, in Creative Processes Ltd. of Cape Town, South Africa. A deep interest in healing led Maati to join the Dolphin Energy Club at the end of 1992. Because she had been involved in healing groups of various persuasions in the past, it was natural to gather a number of her previous colleagues around her. Thus, the first DEC group was formed. Here is the story (through 1993) of how the group chose to organize themselves and their unique experiences with DEC energy work.

Diving with the Dolphins

by F. Holmes (Skip) Atwater

...Other organizations are working directly with sound and dolphins to discover how interaction with them benefits the human psyche and soma. Skip Atwater served as TMI liaison to an event sponsored by one such organization.

Dolphin Energy Club Experience

"On February 1, 1993, Bob’s wife June phoned to request energy to assist his healing (they are Dolphin Energy Club members). For over two months this man had suffered from pervasive neuralgia with painful, inflamed joints–shoulders, hands, knees, and ankles. The symptoms began after an influenza immunization, but doctors also suspected post-polio syndrome. Ten fellow DEC members were requested to direct energy to Bob from February 6th through February 20th."

Dolphin Energy Genesis

by Shay St. John, DMin

Speculation has abounded on the origin of the Dolphin Energy Club since its inception. Now, Shay St. John, longtime friend of Bob and Nancy Monroe and member of the TMI Board of Directors, shares her personal recollections of the event that gave birth to this vital, growing, healing network.

Dolphin Energy, Hemi-Sync®, And Prayer: An Unbeatable Combination

by Stuart Mills

"Although Mom was scheduled to be hospitalized for fifteen days, she was released in eleven. She has two more “clean-up” chemo treatments to go, and by mid-February it should be over. Her recovery has been so remarkable that her doctor told Dad on the way out of the hospital that he now believes Mom is as likely to die of anything else as she is of cancer."

Dolphins Help with Healing that's More Than Skin Deep

by Debra Jean Hawley

Professional Member Debra Jean Hawley has been on the road of self discovery and healing through many seasons of darkness and light. This personal knowledge informs her work with abuse survivors, substance abusers, and grieving children and adults. Debra has recently founded The Inside Edge. She conducts workshops using Hemi-Sync and other complementary modalities to help others open to the possibility of healing. A mishap following topical chemotherapy led her to call for Dolphin Energy Club assistance and exponentially increased her empathy.

Dolphins Start With the Heart

by Shirley Bliley

The Institute’s Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) received a request to provide healing support to a fifty-five-year-old woman with sarcoidosis (scarring of the lungs). The condition was responsive to steroids; however, it worsened with stress. Two members of her ten-person DEC team made pertinent observations. One noted darkness around the lungs and adrenals and an immune system depleted by stress, while another saw “a casing like an eggshell around [her] field” that blocked her ability to give and receive love fully. This same DEC member added, “It looks like she’s maybe on the verge of creating something harmonious and wonderful.” The recipient’s own comments show that both were “on the mark.”

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 2001

In these five essays Laurie Monroe examines a visit to Japan; the work of Stanislav Grof; DEC energy for Jim Greene; the tragedy of 9/11; and looking within in the face of negativity.

Of Dolphins And Otters

by Douglas McDougall

Douglas McDougall is presently an adult care worker at a homeless shelter in Calgary, Alberta. His desire is to work with dreaming, extending awareness, and using the tools within to become a most interesting entity of the universe. Here, he shares one way of using DEC techniques to support those goals.

The Human-Dolphin Bond

by Madelyn Freeman

The following essay by Madelyn Freeman, clinical psychotherapist at the Munro Clinic of Guy’s Hospital, London, England, offers another perspective on human-dolphin interaction, intimating that this work may actually benefit all parties immensely.

The Tides of DEC Compassion

by Tania Teh

TMI Sustaining Member, Dolphin Energy Club member and Dealer/Distributor Tania Teh presents workshops to business groups in Malaysia. Early in July she e-mailed a DEC request for her friend James. Tania wrote to tell us how DEC, tapes from the Surgical Support Series and a “pod” of friends and family created a special resonance, enhancing James’s final days and easing his transition.

The View from the Receiving Side of DEC Dolphin Energy Club

 by Madison Lee

Madison joined the Dolphin Energy Club in 1991—its first year of existence—and felt pretty familiar with the process. Then a personal injury took him to a new level of understanding.