Explorer Project

A Transcript From Explorer Files (June 1985)

This explorer took eight minutes to get to Focus Ten. In this transcript, she is moving into the Twelve state with the creation of the REBAL.

Explorer Tape Comments

"As far as I am concerned it is a masterpiece in philosophy. It is sure a pity that the average man and woman on the street cannot be aware of this discussion.”

Messages M.I.A.S. Tape #19

This is a transcriot of an Explorer tape.

The Explorer Project

by Rita Warren, Ph.D. and Dave Wallis, M.S.

The primary goal of the program is to obtain information from nonphysical realms while recording the physiological states of the subjects, called Explorers, during these investigations. The fundamental question posed regarding any Explorer session is: “Is the information helpful to man in the physical?”

The Explorer Series

The EXPLORER SERIES is a set of twenty-four tapes unique to the Research Division of the Monroe Institute. Each tape consists of actual recordings, taken during experiments with the MIAS tapes, which explored the far reaches of altered time and space.

The Monitor-Subject Relationship: A Perspective on PREP and Explorer Sessions

by Gusteena L. Anderson, M.S.W.

Gusteena Anderson initiated her talk at the 1989 Professional Seminar by reviewing the evolution of laboratory sessions at the Institute.