A Different Order of Communication

by Margaret Can

Participants in TMI residential programs form close bonds with each other and become sensitized to the most subtle communication. That sensitivity allowed Sustaining Member Margaret Can to hear a message from a friend who had crossed the bridge between dimensions.

A Hemi-Sync® Experience

by Ralph Politte, A.B., M.A.

Accessing Information and Accessing Energy

by Providencia Morillo

"I want to comment on my experiences with the membership CDs I received with the winter/spring 2004 issue of the TMI FOCUS—Access to Information and Access to Energy."

An Excursion Into Healing

by Julie Mazo

All participants in EXCURSION workshops, offered exclusively by TMI’s accredited Trainers, have their own stories, and each is unique. As with every Hemi-Sync experience, there’s no predicting. Hemi-Sync is the tool; what the listeners do with it is up to them. Here’s one story, as reported by the participant and by the Trainer as well, reflecting one kind of experience that can result from this empowering weekend.

Blasting Off With Scanning the Band

by Tania Teh

Tania Teh has been presenting business-oriented workshops in Malaysia and using the Hemi-Sync® tapes for personal growth since her GATEWAY VOYAGE®; however, she kept postponing a venture into one particular area. A “chance” encounter with the winter 1999 quarterly tape forced the issue.

Blazing New Trails with Monroe and Castaneda

by Patricia Leva, RN, MA

Patricia Leva conducted monthly EXPLORER support groups in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Cleveland, Ohio, including this gathering in Boulder, Colorado, with an additional flair.

Emergency Series For Cancer Surgery

by Janet Stallo Landers

Janet Stallo Landers, a GATEWAY OUTREACH trainer, writes about use of the EMERGENCY SERIES for cancer surgery.

Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

Several articles from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999, provide an insight in some of the many uses of Hemi-Sync®.

Follow That Fox!

by Jan Caroc

Jan Caroc has voyaged from Denmark to participate in six TMI residential programs (he has attended EXPLORATION 27® twice) and feels fortunate to have met Bob Monroe two times in C-l reality. In this e-mail message to Laurie Monroe, Jan describes an unusual, affirming occurrence that left him with feelings of continuing connection.

Hemi-Sync® and Auto Racing

by Michael Keen

The following is an account regarding the use of the Hemi-Sync tape Concentration during practice by British race car driver Tony Trimmer, a British and European Formula 1 champion.

Hemi-Sync® Case Studies from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

Hemi-Sync® is one of many resources that Dr. Mandlin provides to her patients. She shares their responses in the case studies below.

Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to ...

This page will link you to 55 pages, giving all the feedback that was reported in the Hemi-Sync® Toolkits about various real-life applications of Hemi-Sync along with lists of all the Hemi-Sync exercises that relate to the particular application.

Hemi-Sync® in the Art Classroom

by Jeanne Kaye

Jeanne Kaye, from Darien, Connecticut, submitted a provocative report on the use of Hemi-Sync in the art classroom.

Journeying Into Innocence

by Debra Jean Hawley

Debra Jean Hawley worked with Hemi-Sync® tapes for about five years and attended three TMI residential programs. She felt this helped immensely in her self-healing process, yet the quarterly tape "Journeying Into Innocence" was “particularly amazing in its ability to unlock hidden sources of loving support.”

Journeying Inward

by Marian Hughes

One Man’s Metamusic®

We’re very proud of all the releases in our METAMUSIC ARTIST SERIES. We know the care with which each composition is scrutinized for its applicability as a Hemi-Sync companion. We also love hearing what you derive from this meticulous effort.


Pain Control

by Susan Tirotta

Susan Tirotta, of Ellensburg, Washington, submitted this dramatic account of her use of Pain  Control to relieve an acute allergic reaction.

Pain Control During Dental Treatment

by Joy Supplee

Joy writes from Walnut Creek, California, about pain control during dental treatment.

Some Reports From Teachers Using Hemi-Sync®

by JoDee Owens

JoDee Owens offers some typical reports from teachers who have used Hemi-Sync in their classrooms. Several of these teachers had used Hemi-Sync for only a short time before writing their reports. The original reports are on file at Tacoma Community College.

Therapeutic Value of H-Plus®

by Fowler C. Jones, Ed.D.

Fowler Jones reports the following regarding the H-PLUS® tape Relax.

Visiting the Year 2050

by Mike Tanner

Here, Mike shares the results of two sessions with the quarterly tape for spring 2000.