Hemi-Sync® Exercises

A Journey From Curiosity To Humility

by Liam Cummings

Liam’s personal journeys with Hemi-Sync have been—to say the least—out of the ordinary.

Analyzing Results from the Remote Viewing Practicum

by Stephen Graf, Ph.D.

During the Remote Viewing Practicum conducted at The Monroe Institute during the week of September 28 to October 4, twenty-four double-blind, independently judged, remote-viewing trials were conducted “for the record” as an integral part of the educational program.

Discovering an Unexpected Resource

by Liz Reid and David Patrick

In 2007, Ronald “Russ” and Jill Russell, TMI professional and Board of Advisors members, lent the SURGICAL SUPPORT SERIES® album to David Patrick, who was preparing for surgery to amputate one of his legs below the knee.

Dying Differently

by Judith and John Kopp

Excerpts from John Kopp’s journal and debriefing sessions—September 9,1997

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

In these four essays Laurie Monroe looks at BEYOND EXPLORATION 27®LIFELINE and GOING HOME®; internalizing the love energy; and the Teen GATEWAY VOYAGE®.

Going Home®

by Darlene R. Miller

“It's an awesome program for the living. We can live our lives relative to how we feel about death, and can live so much more fully if we can deal with our fears.”

Going Home® in a Workshop Setting

by Bill Roberts

"After all, when was the last time you were introduced to a technology that took you from Focus CI to Focus 27 in one day? "

Going Home®: A Real Life Story

by Gary D. Chaikin, MD

Gary shares with us the story of his wife Randi's struggles with cancer, and the use of the GOING HOME series.

Healing Tapes Update

by Project Leader Suzanne Jonas, Ph.D.

The purpose of the Healing Tapes project [1988] is to develop Hemi-Sync tapes for use with specific illnesses or diseases.

Hemi-Sync® Case Studies from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

Hemi-Sync® is one of many resources that Dr. Mandlin provides to her patients. She shares their responses in the case studies below.

How Robert Monroe United the Rational and the Intuitive

by Leslie France

These days, it’s popular to extol the virtues of the intuitive mind often above those of the rational mind. And, no wonder! After hundreds of years of disparagement (especially in the West) and often downright rejection of our intuitive nature, intuition is regaining acceptance as a viable perceptual modality.

Learning with Hemi-Sync® - A Pilot Study of PAL in South Africa

by Cedric van Heerden, MCom, and Maati Rose-Innes

he following paper was presented by Cedric van Heerden at the 1993 Professional Seminar and discusses observations and results based on initial testing of a study workshop incorporating PAL.

Making Customized Tapes With the Hemi-Sync® Synthesizer

by Project Leader Kristen Eichleay

"As our group project, some of us decided to develop a manual for creating customized tapes."

Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Exercise...

This table lists all the instruments used in each of the Metamusic exercises, listed alphabetically by exercise, with links back to each exercise.

Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Instrument...

This table lists all the instruments used in each of the Metamusic exercises, listed alphabetically by instrument, with links back to each exercise.

Opening the Way: A New Hemi-Sync® Series to Support Pregnancy and Birth

by Janet L. M. Henneke, Midwife

Janet L. M. Henneke is a midwife with a home birth practice in the Texas Hill Country near Hunt, Texas. She is also a childbirth reform activist who is promoting natural alternatives to medicated birth and educating women about personal empowerment through active participation in the birth process. Her first experience with Hemi-Sync was through the Discovery album from the Gateway Experience®.

Opening the Way: It Translates Perfectly

by Regis Louis, MD

Regis Louis, a former member of the Institute’s Professional Division, is a psychiatrist in private practice in France. Dr. Louis has previously reported on Hemi-Sync® applications with patients suffering from insomnia and depression.

Overcoming Fear and Pain with the Surgical Support Series

by Maureen Caudill

Maureen Caudill is a personal coach and founder of the Center for Human Enrichment in San Diego, California. Maureen provides Hemi-Sync®-based workshops and applications for groups and individuals with the goal of enriching each person’s individual human experience.

Pain Control

by Susan Tirotta

Susan Tirotta, of Ellensburg, Washington, submitted this dramatic account of her use of Pain  Control to relieve an acute allergic reaction.

Positive Immunity: Pilot Program - Hemi-Sync® and Aids

by James R. Greene

James Greene, CEO of Flashback Enterprises and educator, has twenty years of experience in the hair industry—product and distribution, advanced cosmetology instruction, and photostyling and fashion. His thirteen-year association with TMI began with the M-5000 Club. In addition to the Positive Immunity pilot program presented here, he is presently developing a program of Hemi-Sync for cosmetology schools.

Reactions to Gateway Experience

GATEWAY EXPERIENCE®, the popular in-home training system which evolved directly out of the GATEWAY VOYAGE® program, has proven a valuable tool for learning and experiencing profound areas of expanded awareness. This series, designed to be used at your leisure in a designated sequence, produces cumulatively powerful outcomes in exploration and development of consciousness. Reactions we’ve received from users of this series indicate the range of results achieved.

The Dying and Living Rescuing Circle

by Alexandre Chaligne

The GOING HOME® series is the core of the programs that Alexandre provides as a resource for healthy people, as well as for terminally ill people and their loved ones.

The Gateway Experience Forum

by Ken Feather

"Through talking with people, and reviewing these files [of letters and feedback surveys], it is evident that similar concerns, problems, or questions repeatedly arise. Just as when one person in a class asks a question that is on other people's minds, so does one person call or write about a question that may well be on other people's minds."

The Monitor-Subject Relationship: A Perspective on PREP and Explorer Sessions

by Gusteena L. Anderson, M.S.W.

Gusteena Anderson initiated her talk at the 1989 Professional Seminar by reviewing the evolution of laboratory sessions at the Institute.

The Step Beyond: The Going Home Series

GOING HOME takes the following positions. The Principal identifies one who is in the last and incontrovertible stages of a terminal illness or injury. Family and Friends identify those who are in close loving and loved contact with the Principal.

The Primary Purpose is to provide the Principal with ah interesting prospect of valuable knowledge achieved through direct experience