Human Plus Articles

A Father’s Parting Gifts

by Linda Leblanc

"In July 2001, I traveled to Canada to visit my gravely ill father. He died on August 9, about three weeks after my return to my home in Cyprus. I’m writing this article because several rather “odd” occurrences surrounded his death, involving both out-of-body experiences and my use of TMI’s HUMAN PLUS encodings."

A First-Hand Account on HP-10

by John C. Reed, M.D.

"The following report was written by one of my patients, a 33-year old female who was a compulsive overeater. I supplied her with the High Performance 10 Hemi-Sync® tapes in the Spring of 1984."

Beliefs, Motivations, And H-Plus®

by Joseph Gallenberger, PhD

Joseph Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist in numerous settings. For the past ten years he has offered services such as insight psychotherapy, marital counseling, relaxation training, and trauma recovery to his private outpatient clients. Dr. Gallenberger is proficient in the use of the H-PLUS® Function exercises in his practice, as a TMI trainer, and personally.

Creative Hemi-Sync® Applications

by Sharon O’Connor, EdD

Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

Several articles from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999, provide an insight in some of the many uses of Hemi-Sync®.

H-Plus Special Report: To Gain No Pain

by Raymond Haimila

Professional Division member Raymond Haimila is employed at a chronic pain clinic specializing in a program of pain management combined with drug-reduction therapy. As activity and entertainment coordinator, he introduced Hemi-Sync®, and specifically the H-PLUS® tapes, to six patients on a trial basis.

H-Plus® Potpourri

by Shirley Bliley

"We’d like to share a selection of suggestions for additional Function exercises which have been gleaned from the survey forms submitted during the past year. They reflect great creativity and astute perception of the possibilities inherent in H-PLUS use."

Hemi-Sync® - Flipping The Switch/Opening The Channel

by Helene M. Spreng

Helene Spreng is a writer and a member of the Professional Division. After spontaneously using H-PLUS Relax during a violent tachycardia episode, she shared this account with the FOCUS.

Hemi-Sync® Odyssey—Part I

by Barbara Bullard, MA

In this, the first of a four-part series, Barbara Bullard shares with the FOCUS some of the results and benefits she has observed when H-PLUS is used to assist the learning process.

Hemi-Sync® Odyssey—Part II

by Barbara Bullard, MA

In the spring of 1989, community college instructor Barbara Bullard and her students began to use the Hemi- Sync® HUMAN PLUS series. They speedily discovered that the tapes were useful across the spectrum of the learning process.

Hemi-Sync® Odyssey—Part III

by Barbara Bullard, MA

Much of Barbara Bullard's initial reason for trying the tapes was to find a means of eliciting the body’s autonomic healing mechanisms. From Barbara’s viewpoint, this is yet another area in which H-PLUS® has proven its effectiveness. 

Hemi-Sync® Odyssey—Part IV

by Barbara Bullard, MA

Three examples of personal H-PLUS use by Barbara Bullard conclude this four-part series.

High Performance-Ten (HP-10)

You are now beginning what can be the most important learning period in your life. From this moment on, you have the opportunity to become more than you ever thought you could be.

HP-10 Is Effective

by Editor

Here is a brief outline on the High Performance Ten (HP-10) tapes by one of our members. This is her account.

Human Plus

by Robert A. Monroe and Fred Atwater

(Discussion from the Fifth Annual Professional Seminar)

Human Plus Tackles The Chilkoot Trail

by James Akenhead, EdD

"Turning to H-PLUS in stressful circumstances made all the difference by keeping my mind occupied with positives when it could easily have drowned in negativity."


by Dave Wallis

"Hemi-Sync has helped me to limit my limits."

Report of Classroom Demonstration of Hemi-Sync®

by Terry D. Kramer, L.C.S.W., M.F.C.C.

Synopsis of the Human Plus Laboratory Survey

by Shirley N. Bliley

A look at the results of an H-Plus survey.

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream: Hemi-Sync® Sleep Induction Systems

by F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater

In the Winter 1994 issue of the FOCUS, Skip Atwater drew on his extensive experience as a monitor for an insider’s view of a PREP (Personal Resource Exploration Program) session in the TMI lab. Of course, the research that forms the foundation of our tapes and programs is Skip’s primary concentration. Did you ever wonder why the Hemi-Sync sleep induction tools help you sleep so well or how to use them for the best results? Read on and find out!

Wake/Know Triggers a Warrior’s Insight

by Douglas M. Black

In his memoir, Finding My Way, Colonel Black highlights his personal journey of spiritual discovery through his training in and application of the Monroe technology.