International Articles

Besieged by Freedom: Hemi-Sync® In Slovakia

by Ronald Russell, MA

As former residents of Cambridge, Jill and Russ have done an effective job of “seeding” Hemi-Sync in Great Britain in years past. Now, new horizons beckon. The following report finds them in... Slovakia!

DEC Pods

by Maati Rose-Innes

Maati Rose-Innes is a Professional Member of The Monroe Institute and a partner, with Cedric van Heerden, in Creative Processes Ltd. of Cape Town, South Africa. A deep interest in healing led Maati to join the Dolphin Energy Club at the end of 1992. Because she had been involved in healing groups of various persuasions in the past, it was natural to gather a number of her previous colleagues around her. Thus, the first DEC group was formed. Here is the story (through 1993) of how the group chose to organize themselves and their unique experiences with DEC energy work.

Echoes of the Lifeline® Program in Romania

by Professor Petru-Visarion Stetiu, PhD

In this article Professor Stetiu shares with the readers an unusual experiencehe had in early 2013.

Exiles In England Bring "Journeys Out of the Body" to Romania

by Irene Cupe

In working to radically change their lives after the devastating loss of their son in 1989, both Irene and her husband, Radu, effected many changes in Romania.

Expanding TMI’s Global Presence: News from Romania

by Andrea Berger in collaboration with Professor Petru Stetiu and Ritta Nicoara

Andrea looks at the growing influence of Hermi-Sync® in Romania.

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1998

In this collection of four essays, Laurie Monroe examines having an effect on an outlook or situation; Bob’s injunction to “get it out there”; healing at the Frei Luiz Center, near Rio de Janeiro; and TMI Europe.

Gateway Voyage ... to Africa

by Leslie France

Participants in the very first Moroccan Gateway Voyage program held May 14 - 20, 2016 reveled in just such an experience. Ably guided by TMI trainers Stefano Roverso of Italy and Luigi Sciambarella of England, the group, most of who were from Italy and the UK, found that, as Luigi reported, “the venue and situation created a unique opportunity for mixing different countries and cultures within the group."

Gateway Voyage® in Brazil

by Deborah Sachs, MA

Deborah is an accredited Residential Trainer who facilitates many workshops throughout Brazil.

Gateway Voyage® In Romania: A Dream Come True

by Andrea Berger

Andrea talks about the process of taking Gateway Voyage to her homeland.

Getting It Out There: Hemi-Sync® Comes To Cairo

by Linda Leblanc

The tremendous positive response in Cairo demonstrates yet again the universality of Hemi-Sync, this time transcending not only language but also culture and religion.

Hemi-Sync Spans the Globe

by Julie Mazo, TMI Projects Director

Two good Swiss friends of the Institute, Pablo Arango and Chantal Delfino, searched for and found a locale for PASSAGE that closely replicated the tranquility and beauty of TMI’s environment.

Inaugural Cyprus Gateway Voyage®

by Linda Leblanc

A piece of TMI history was made on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus when the first European English GATEWAY VOYAGE, offered under the auspices of TMI-Europe, took place March 20-26, 1999.

Learning with Hemi-Sync® - A Pilot Study of PAL in South Africa

by Cedric van Heerden, MCom, and Maati Rose-Innes

he following paper was presented by Cedric van Heerden at the 1993 Professional Seminar and discusses observations and results based on initial testing of a study workshop incorporating PAL.

Learning with Hemi-Sync® at Aromansse and the Riverton Retreat Centre

by Alexandre Chaligne

"Bringing science and spirituality together to understand the big picture of where we are going as humans and who we really are is the main goal of Aromansse Hemi-Sync® Meditation School and Riverton Retreat Centre in Canada."

Manifesting the Icelandic Dialogues

by Jacqueline Mast, PT, MSEd

In 1978, as a young physical therapist,Jacqueline had a vision of bringing together a group of healers from all over the world to share their knowledge and passion. She envisioned an event encompassing both art and science, and put her intent out to the universe, and kept the idea percolating until the time was right.

News from Cyprus

by Linda Leblanc

Linda provided an update of TMI events in Cyprus.

Parlez Vous Gateway!

by Pablo Arango

A look at a PASSAGE (the French name for GATEWAY VOYAGE®) in Switzerland.

Returning to Slovakia

by Ronald Russell, MA

Ronald and Jill Russell have taken a special interest in the emerging consciousness movement in Slovakia. While in that country to reprise their successful first visit, they saw ample evidence of constructive changes and of continuing hunger for the advantages offered by Hemi-Sync®.

Seeds of Change: Hemi-Sync® Flourishes in Poland

by Pawel Byczuk

Pawel wrote this report on the Second Pomeranian Esoteric Festival, which was held November 11-12, 1995, in Szczecin. Their excellent presentation generated intense fascination about the Institute and Hemi-Sync. In a letter dated April 5, 1996, Pawel reports, “The circle of people interested in Hemi-Sync still grows.”

Setting Europe to Hemi-Sync®

by Cheryl O. Williams, PhD

Cheryl Williams is a TMI residential program trainer, a GATEWAY OUTREACH Trainer, and a member of the Institute’s Professional Division. Her natural skill as a motivator is reinforced by a PhD in philosophy and theology and a firm grasp of psychological principles. Cheryl is currently dedicating her energy to the expansion of Hemi-Sync in Europe and has established her “base camp” in Urdorf, Switzerland, a short hop from Zurich.

Slovakians Prove that Hemi-Sync® is Universal

by Robert Tollaksen, M.A.

ANNWIN Center for Support and Development of Human Potential, a nonprofit educational organization, was established in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, in 1995. Its principal activities are focused on mental and physical health.

The Icelandic Dialogues: Healing the Healers

by Jacqueline Mast, PT, MSEd, FAACPDM

With the assistance of Icelandic colleagues—Thora Halldórsdóttir, Anna Katrín Ottesen, Erlendur Magnús Magnússon, Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir, and Örn Jónsson—Jackie and Brian Dailey, MD, organized the third annual “The Icelandic Dialogues: Healing the Healers” conference around the theme, “Water: Motion and Emotion.” In this article Jackie shares some of the magical healing interactions that characterized the event.

The Icelandic Dialogues: Healing the Healers - Love, Laughter, & Compassion

by Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir

Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir, is an integrative health coach who uses MetaMedicine. Lilja and TMI professional member Jacqueline Mast, PT, MsEd, have been co-organizers for The Icelandic Dialogues conferences since their inception. 

The Language of the Heart

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

"The adventure of our first Japanese GATEWAY VOYAGE was about to begin."

The Rain in Spain...

by Carol Sabick

From the beginning, Carol Sabick's musical background led her to recognize the value of METAMUSIC® and to play it constantly in her Reiki center in Jerez, Spain. As this article demonstrates, Carol has broadened her horizons and continues to “make a difference” with Hemi-Sync®.