Metamusic® Articles

Cocreating Spirit’s Journey

by Mark Certo

Mark discusses the background to the production of the beautiful work, "Spirit's Journey."

Inner Journey and Beyond

by Mohammad Sadigh, PhD

Mohammad Sadigh describes his musical background and grant us some insights into his creative process.


The March 1987 BREAKTHROUGH offered a Special Edition with Suzanne Morris showcasing the Metamusic Tape series.

Metamusic® Artists ...

Many artists have contributed to the development of the Metamusic® collection of CDs. Click on the names in the table to be directed to pages showcasing each of these artists.

Metamusic® Demonstrates Its Effectiveness: A TMI Laboratory Report

by F. Holmes Atwater

METAMUSIC, especially the METAMUSIC ARTIST SERIES, occupies a uniquely versatile position in the hierarchy of Hemi-Sync® learning tools. It can assist listeners to relax, meditate, sleep, or access their creative and learning potential F. Holmes Atwater reports on an encounter with the power of METAMUSIC which was monitored by TMI’s state-of-the-art brainmapping equipment.

MetaMusic® in the Dental Chair

by Margaret Paradise

"We will continue to use Hemi-Sync in our dental office since it is our conclusion that both relaxation and pain control are benefited by the music."

Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Exercise...

This table lists all the instruments used in each of the Metamusic exercises, listed alphabetically by exercise, with links back to each exercise.

Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Instrument...

This table lists all the instruments used in each of the Metamusic exercises, listed alphabetically by instrument, with links back to each exercise.

Metamusic®: Music for Inner Space

by Barbara Bullard, MA

This article was based on Barbara Bullard's presentation at the 2002 Professional Seminar, where she shared  many of my insights drawn from ten years of working with METAMUSIC. 

Music and Hemi-Sync® in the Treatment of Children with Developmental Disabilities

by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D.

For three years (1982-1985) the role of music and Hemi-Sync was explored in the rehabilitation of 20 developmentally disabled children. The children ranged in age from 5 months to 8 years with an average age of 2 years. Within the broad category of developmental disability the children had received specific diagnoses of cerebral palsy (16), mental retardation (10), autism (5), and uncontrolled seizure disorder (4). The children were referred for therapy because of severe feeding and pre-speech problems. Eighteen of the children were non-verbal and non-ambulatory because of the motor incoordination of cerebral palsy or an overall delay in development.

One Man’s Metamusic®

We’re very proud of all the releases in our METAMUSIC ARTIST SERIES. We know the care with which each composition is scrutinized for its applicability as a Hemi-Sync companion. We also love hearing what you derive from this meticulous effort.


Opening the Door with METAMUSIC®

by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D.

This article is excerpted from Dr. Morris’s presentation at the First International Conference on Music in Human Adaptation held November 15-17, 1997, in Roanoke, Virginia.

Opening to Self through Music

by Gregory Carroll, PhD

"Many musical pieces—METAMUSIC® especially—strengthen our inner focus and “set the stage” for the meditative process of inner exploration."

The Mozart Effect-Metamusic, Memory, Sleep & Quantum Learning

by Barbara Bullard

This article is based on Barbara's presentation at the 2002 Monroe Professional Seminar.

The Road to Remembrance

by Barbara Bullard, MA

Barbara's deep involvement with the Hemi-Sync® sound technology and three decades of research, testing, and teaching about the impact of speech, sound, and music on the brain were the impetus for a three-year effort to create a superlearning METAMUSIC®.


The Seven Stages of Alchemy with Metamusic®

by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

My presentation at this year’s professional seminar—Consciousness: The Endless Frontier—sought to restore awareness of the power of alchemy. An exploration of each of the seven alchemical stages, accompanied by the soundscape of specially selected METAMUSIC tracks that match the goals of each stage, was included. Why they were selected for each stage and how they can be used in life, work, and professional practice to elicit the seven stages of alchemical transformation at the appropriate times was explained.

Using Metamusic® in a Therapeutic-Educational Approach to Autism

by Berenice Luque

Before beginning the usual therapeutic and educational interventions for autism, Berenice has her patients listen to METAMUSIC at least once a day—and three times a day if possible. This allows her to identify any changes attributable to Hemi-Sync® before regular treatment begins. This paper is based on a conference presentation. The data and the results Berenice obtained suggest why El Angel’s schedule is so full that potential patients are on a waiting list.