Other TMI Programs

An Application of Transpersonal Experience: Hemi-Sync® Journeys

by Andrea T. Berger

"I credit TMI programs for my decision to pursue a degree in transpersonal studies, to further my formal education in the consciousness field."

Analyzing Results from the Remote Viewing Practicum

by Stephen Graf, Ph.D.

During the Remote Viewing Practicum conducted at The Monroe Institute during the week of September 28 to October 4, twenty-four double-blind, independently judged, remote-viewing trials were conducted “for the record” as an integral part of the educational program.


 by Cheryl Phibbs

Cheryl talks about becaming aware of The Monroe Institute after reading Ultimate Journey in 1995, and her experience at Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines®.

Becoming Positively Ageless

by Carmen Montoto, BA

ll participants at TMI’s 2008 professional seminar—“Hemi-Sync: Varieties of Experience”—received the POSITIVELY AGELESS album as a gift. Upon returning to Puerto Rico, Carmen gathered a group of friends to experiment with its five exercises. She shares the results of their adventure below.

Can Meditation Really Be Effortless?

by Peter Russell

... a quiet mind is not a state of mind to be achieved. It is the state we experience when there is nothing to be achieved. It is the mind in its natural condition, untarnished by fears and desires, and the thoughts they create. When everything is OK in our world, we feel OK inside; we are at ease.

Creative Flow Workshop

On the last weekend of February 2004, eighteen participants gathered together with Trainer Macca Patricia Peters at Roberts Mountain Retreat to enjoy the cozy ambience and each other’s company and to experience opening themselves to the all-pervasive energy available to every being.

Exploration Essence

by Robert Turvene

Robert attended EXPLORATION ESSENCE in May 2003 and wrote this letter to Laurie Monroe.

Exploration Essence Impressions

by Eva E. Lange, MD, PhD

Eva discusses her experiences at the Exploration Essence program.

Exploring the Timeline

by Lee Stone

Lee Stone, now retired from TMI trainings, discusses how "participants go on adventurous excursions across time to explore other selves in ancient civilizations."

Five Wednesdays

 by Cathy Granett, RN, MA

Cathy describes the FIVE WEDNESDAYS program, offered in 2007, as "something so special and profound. Each day was the essence of a specific program, beginning with the GATEWAY VOYAGE on Sunday and ending with HEARTLINE on Thursday."

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1996

In these five essays, Laurie Monroe discusses detaching from one’s thoughts for a time to align with the Universal Consciousness; the one year anniversary of Robert Monroe’s transition; some of her experiences as Bob Monroe’s daughter; the Heartline program; and working in an era of transformative change.

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

In these four essays Laurie Monroe looks at BEYOND EXPLORATION 27®LIFELINE and GOING HOME®; internalizing the love energy; and the Teen GATEWAY VOYAGE®.

From the Desk of Robert A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1991

Five essays by Bob Monroe examine The Human Learning Experience; Learning to learn; Being more than your physical body; The “Timeout” Project;  The Munro Fields and Castle in Scotland.

From the Desk of Robert A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1994

Four essays by Bob Monroe take a look at: The “Going Home” System; A new “Basic” in Ultimate Journey; The “High Adventure Program”;  An excerpt from the METAMORPHISITE Manuscript

Guidelines For Understanding Dimensionality

by Todd Phillips

Systems engineer Todd Phillips attended the GATEWAY VOYAGE® in June 1997. Little did he imagine that the levels of consciousness he would encounter upon returning for GUIDELINES® in April 1999 would illuminate a problem he had been wrestling with for years.

Healing Through Creative Flow

by Patty Ray Avalon, MFA

As a TMI residential trainer, Patty Ray trains program participants to use their consciousness to access guidance, improve manifestation, and learn self-healing and self-actualization skills.

Heartline - Experiencing Heartline

by Connie Callahan, MA

"Through HEARTLINE and the synchronized presentation of METAMUSIC®, I traveled out into the Universe as well as into Mother Earth. At each location there were precious gifts to choose from, and afterward, I always came home to my Heart."

Heartline - Hello, Left Brain, Meet Heartline Energy

by Rick Dawson

"While the other TMI courses teach you how to navigate and steer through the vast unknown, it is the heartspace, or love-energy, that powers the engine that gets you to your destination."

Heartline - Thanks from the Heart(Line)

by Penny Holmes

A message from Penny following the first Heartline program.

Heartline: A Sleeper that Will Wake You Up!

by Leslie Sorg Ramsay

In this article Leslie shares the "enormous experience" of her Heartline program.

Heartline® Transformation: Musings from a Visit with Dear Ol’ Dad

by Debra J. Hawley

"With the assis­tance, love, and acceptance I’ve found at TMI, I’ve been able to shift from victim to healer as I step fully into my continuing life adventure."

High Adventure

by Darlene R. Miller

The HIGH ADVENTURE program premiered in September to rave reviews from its charter members. The concept of personal freedom to choose from among a large selection of tapes from other Institute programs, and to be able to listen to them any time one chose, appealed to the freewheeling, adventuresome side of these participants.

How Becoming a Consciousness Explorer Led to Medical Intuition

by Winter Robinson, MEd

After my first Gateway Voyage week at The Monroe Institute I kept returning, not only because of what I was discovering about myself, both my I-ness and the expanded state of Winter that went beyond any title, but rather, I liked the fact that when asked a question about his adventures, Bob (Monroe) would say, “You go find out. Then come back and tell me.” Taking that advice to heart, I felt free to venture beyond any and everything I had ever imagined. In the beginning, despite my degree in psychology, I didn’t have a clue about consciousness, mind, spirit, energy, or anything else we might list here.

How Robert Monroe United the Rational and the Intuitive

by Leslie France

These days, it’s popular to extol the virtues of the intuitive mind often above those of the rational mind. And, no wonder! After hundreds of years of disparagement (especially in the West) and often downright rejection of our intuitive nature, intuition is regaining acceptance as a viable perceptual modality.

Manifestation and Creation Squared

by Felicia Potter

Felicia attended the first TEEN GATEWAY VOYAGE. She enjoyed its effects so much that she returned for our newest program, MC2 (manifestation and creation squared).