Think Pieces Articles

A Creation Myth for the Twenty-First Century

by Charles T. Butler, PhD

"...Even better, I became more emotionally stable, happier, and more peaceful than I had ever been. I didn’t know what these CDs were doing, but I liked it."

A Journey Inward to Wholeness

by Karl Boyken

"My journey does not seem to match the one shared by many others who attend residential programs. But it is still a Monroe path, my Monroe path, and I’m glad to have walked it this far."

A Metatonic Journey with Hemi-Sync®

by Ali Kesanto

Experimentation with Hemi-Sync took Ali’s musical creativity to new heights, and he shares that story in this article.

A Warrioress Encounters Bob and Nancy

by Shaaron S. Honeycutt

On the Wednesday afternoon of her LIFELINE adventure,Shaaron was given an exercise in which she was instructed to move to Focus 27 and look for people that she  knew or had known.

An Application of Transpersonal Experience: Hemi-Sync® Journeys

by Andrea T. Berger

"I credit TMI programs for my decision to pursue a degree in transpersonal studies, to further my formal education in the consciousness field."


by David Mulvey

As a guide for learning to live a self-motivated life, as a tool for noticing how we create our own reality, this basic concept of cause (authority) and effect (responsibility) is a powerful force in our lives.

Beyond Be-Leaf

by David Wallis

"My left brain had been given a visual analogy from nature that made a powerful impact. My belief/be-leaf system will never be the same again."

Blazing New Trails with Monroe and Castaneda

by Patricia Leva, RN, MA

Patricia Leva conducted monthly EXPLORER support groups in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Cleveland, Ohio, including this gathering in Boulder, Colorado, with an additional flair.

Body Wisdom in the Presence of Death

by Genia Pauli Haddon, DMin, PhD

Genia's knowledge of body, psyche, and spirit includes practicing and teaching yoga, studies at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and shamanic training with Michael Hamer.

Coincidence or Spiritual Guidance?

by Bill Devitt

Bill completed the GATEWAY VOYAGE® in 1981 and GUIDELINES® twenty years later in 2001. The subject of this article is the unusual way he “found” a copy of Monroe’s second book, Far Journeys.

Conceptual Discussion Of Work Plans

by Bill D. Schul

The following is not to be construed as research protocol for brainwave training and monitoring of psychophysiological correlates. Rather it is an informal discussion of some of the concepts and underlying principles involved in these efforts. A study of the terrain excites the imagination and the purpose of this paper is to excite others with the view. The implications are profound. Hopefully, we can contribute something to their investigation.

Developing Winning Attitudes - Traders, Trading, and Hemi-Sync®

by Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas is president of Trading Behavior Dynamics, Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm that works with individual traders, certified trading advisers, banks, and brokerage firms internationally. He has written a best-selling book within the trading community titled The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes, and uses Hemi-Sync as part of a popular workshop for traders.

Diamonds in the Rough

by Peter Spiro

Peter examines the effects of using Hemi-Sync® on reading scores in his alternative education high-school class.

Energy Medicine and the Unifying Concept of Information

by Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Certain types of alternative medicine that involve subtle or very low intensity nonmaterial stimuli are popularly known as energy medicine. Examples are healer interventions, homeopathy, electromagnetic (EM) therapies, and possibly acupuncture. Although clinical and fundamental research on these modalities exists, they remain outside the mainstream because they challenge the dominant biomedical paradigm by defying conventional scientific explanation.

Experiencing the Celestine Prophecy With Hemi-Sync®

by Pauline Cox Johnson

The Celestine Prophecy Experience made its successful debut as a weekend seminar in Chicago in 1994.

Focus “Love”

by Regis Louis

"Since 1990 and the beginning of my adventures with the Institute, I’ve been in a progressive learning experience about what is “love.” I want to share in this article my experiences and how they are related with the Hemi-Sync programs, for me."

Ghost-Busting with the Glenwood Voyagers

by Steve Whittier

The majority of the twenty-four Glenwood Voyagers met in one of the high towers as darkness fell and decided to “cruise” the hotel, on the alert for subtle energies and nonphysicals.

Hang Gliding and Past-Life Reminiscence

by Eric Gagnon

Eric's favorite weekend activity is piloting hang gliders. For him it is more than a sport; it is an art, a philosophy. To fly gracefully, you need to be at peace with yourself, your wing, and nature.

Has Your Lake Risen Up to Heaven?

by Melissa Jager

Melissa uses the I Ching to explain her image of what the Professional Division is all about.

Healing the Ozone Layer

 by Lynn Pivo

After reading Bob Monroe’s trilogy, Lynn traveled to the United States to attend the GATEWAY VOYAGE®. During the program, she had a dramatic meeting in which she consoled her late mother who was still grieving for her deceased husband at the Focus 27 Healing Center.

Hemi-Sync® and the Brain Entrapment Process: Myth or Reality?

by Mohammad R. Sadigh, Ph.D.

Mohammad Sadigh is assistant director of psychology and psychophysiological services at the Gateway Institute, a center for pain and stress management. He practices psychotherapy and biofeedback and is in charge of the neuropsychological laboratory.

Hemi-Sync® and the Self-Reflective Lover

by Peter Spiro, BA, MFA

Peter Spiro takes a deeper look at the use of Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® in an alternative classroom for at-risk adolescents.

Honoring Guidance

 by Cliff Houghton

Cliff describes several instances that "confirm for me that I am receiving strong guidance, and I thank TMI for giving me the tools that allow me to be receptive."

Interview with Rita Warren

by Russ Mason, MS

"I interviewed Ms. Warren the following year (2005). It was to have been a part of a book project entitled Hogwarts for Real. The book project never saw the light of day, but I saved the tapes of those whom I interviewed. I am glad I did. Ms. Warren had much to say about TMI, Bob Monroe, and her experiences and life—with her husband, Martin—at the research lab and living on the New Land. I’m happy to be able to share some excerpts from that interview with TMI members now.

It Was Fun, But Hard on the Physical Body: Reflections of the First-Ever TMI Intern

by Stefan J. Kasian

During the summer of 1994, Duke University pre-med student Stefan Kasian worked as a research assistant in the TMI laboratory. He shares his story of the experience.