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1983 The first Annual Professional Seminar

by the Editor

The first annual Professional Seminar was held here at the Institute September 29 to October 3. The purpose of this seminar was to bring people to the Institute from all professions to exchange ideas in interdisciplinary research and to acquaint them with our new facilities. The seminar was a tremendous success judging by everyone’s interest, enthusiasm and the quality of research papers presented.

1984 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

The Second Annual Professional Seminar was held at the Monroe Institute October 10-14, 1984. Six of our members made presentations to the group on their utilization of Hemi-Sync® in their profession. The talks were enlightening and they provided much food for thought.

1986 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

This quarter’s “BREAKTHROUGH” covers The Monroe Institute’s (TMI) Fourth Annual Professional Seminar, and highlights two of the presentations made to attending Professional Members.

1987 Opening and Closing Remarks of the Fifth Annual Professional Seminar

by Robert A. Monroe

On the opening night of the Professional Seminar, Bob Monroe set the theme for the ensuing days: humankind has a unique window of opportunity for moving beyond fear and gaining a fuller understanding of existence; Hemi-Sync® is a powerful tool that The Monroe Institute (TMI), with the aid of its Professional Division, can use to assist in this important transformation. A summary of his talk follows:

1987 Professional Seminar Overview

by Leslie France, TMI Projects Director

On August 9 through 13, the Institutes Professional Division sponsored the Fifth Annual Professional Seminar at The Monroe Center in Virginia, on the theme of “Fear, Death and Transformation.”

1988 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

TMI Professional Members convened for the sixth annual Professional Seminar September 3 through 9 of 1988. Held at the Institute’s facility in Faber, and hosted by Professional Division Director Leslie France, this year’s seminar centered around the theme, “Celebrate Emergence,” providing professional members an opportunity to focus on new creative uses of the Hemi-Sync® technology.

1989 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

Within the theme of the seminar, “Manifesting the Vision,” members representing a broad spectrum of professional interests focused on the tasks of bringing vision into form through Hemi-Sync® application.

There are links to reports referenced in the article.


1989 Special Group Project Development

by Leslie France

A summary of articles that describe the special group projects developed by members at the 1989 Professional Seminar.

1990 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

As the 1990 Professional Seminar convened on July 21st at The Monroe Institute Center, members quickly realized that Hemi-Sync’s reputation and recognition had achieved a new level of success in the world. Echoing the seminar theme. “Expansion and Integration,” feature presenters demonstrated this wider acceptance of the Hemi-Sync technology into established institutional systems and practices, such as corporate culture, teenagers in special education, psychiatry, and retail services.


1991 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

Under the theme Beliefs in Action: Creating Realities for the ‘90s, forty-six members of the Professional Division gathered on July 20th at The Monroe Institute Center for the ninth annual Professional Seminar.

1993 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

From July 24 through July 30, Professional Members from Canada, Great Britain, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States convened at the Nancy Penn Center in Faber, Virginia, for the Eleventh Annual Professional Seminar.

1995 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

July 22-29, 1995, fifty professional members, guests, and staff members participated in the Thirteenth Annual Professional Seminar. The chosen theme of this year’s seminar was “Co-Creating the Reality 1995.” Thus challenged, the group proceeded to craft an inspiring and productive synthesis of theme and agreement.

1996 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

A later than usual date for the 1996 Professional Seminar—July 27 to August 2—brought the blessing of unexpectedly mild temperatures. This was fortunate, since the creative juices of the group participating in Hemi-Sync®: The Inner Information Highway quickly came to a boil. The Seminar theme reflected the process of melding the inner and outer information highways in the service of individual and collective expansion.

1997 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

The “Embracing Resonance” theme made Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD, Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an especially appropriate keynote speaker for the 1997 Professional Seminar.

1998 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

From July 25 through August 1, 1998, members of The Monroe Institute’s Professional Division and special guests gathered for the Sixteenth Annual Professional Seminar, Discovering the Inner Healer with Hemi-Sync®. Under that banner, presenters and participants embarked on a quest to examine existing applications of Hemi-Sync and to expand its potential as a global force for healing.

2000 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

The Seventeenth Professional Seminar continued a long tradition of excellence. The speakers, professional members, and guests who attended on March 18-22, 2000, met not only to expand their knowledge of Hemi-Sync but to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Monroe Institute’s Professional Division. Both The Nancy Penn Center and Roberts Mountain Retreat were pressed into service to accommodate the overflow crowd. The event reaffirmed Robert Monroe’s wisdom in gathering together educators, therapists, physicians, and scientists who would develop Hemi-Sync applications based on the proposition that “focused consciousness contains all solutions to the questions of human existence.”

2002 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

March 9-13, 2002, sixty members of The Monroe Institute’s Professional Division convened for the Eighteenth Professional Seminar, “Hemi-Sync®: Focus on Healing.” Special guest speakers and many of the Institutes Board of Advisors also attended. The overflow crowd was accommodated at both The Nancy Penn Center and Roberts Mountain Retreat.

2004 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

From March 6 to 10, 2004, fifty-five professional members and special guests convened for the Nineteenth Professional Seminar, “Hemi-Sync® and the Intuitive Connection.”

2006 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

In the early afternoon of March 25, 2006, the first of thirty-five participants arrived at the Nancy Penn Center for the Twentieth Professional Seminar, Hemi-Sync: the Bridge between Magic and Reason.

2008 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

On March 22, 2008, over sixty TMI professional members, Monroe family members, and special guests arrived at the Nancy Penn Center to register for Hemi-Sync®: Varieties of Experience, the Twenty-first Professional Seminar.

2010 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

“Consciousness: The Endless Frontier,” The Monroe Institute’s Twenty-second Professional Seminar, could just as well have been titled “Back to the Future,” except keynote speaker Thomas Campbell, MS, had no damage to history to repair, unlike Marty McFly, the chief character in the film.

2013 Professional Seminar Overview

by the Editor

The 24th Professional Seminar was held in February, 2013. Themed “Transformational Change: New Perspectives on Consciousness,” it featured  featured an excellent speaker line-up, a successful silent auction fundraiser, an intensive Guided Exploration Day, and reorganization group processes.

A Restorative Visit with the Russells

by Raymond 0. Waldkoetter, EdD

We’ve often remarked on the global nature of the TMI community. Ray shares a vignette from his visit with two British family members who now reside in Scotland.

Has Your Lake Risen Up to Heaven?

by Melissa Jager

Melissa uses the I Ching to explain her image of what the Professional Division is all about.

Hemi-Sync® Outreach - In the Supportive Company of Seekers

by Julie Mazo

Two members of the Hemi-Sync® Outreach network, Genia Haddon (Scotland, Connecticut) and Judith Lerner-Taylor (Montville, New Jersey) share what it’s like to bring Hemi-Sync to seekers in their areas.