TMI History

A Celebration For Robert A Monroe

by Laurie Monroe

In honor of the one year anniversary of Robert Monroe’s transition, his daughter, Laurie, brought TMI staff together for a celebration and meditation in memory of his life’s work and the impact he had and continues to have on all our lives. The research lab was dedicated in his name and an oil portrait was unveiled. The following are some excerpts from Laurie’s tribute to her father.

Early History and Development of Hemi-Sync (Short)

A short look at the history of The Monroe Institute.

Early History and Development of the Monroe Institute

[This report] is an attempt to place in broadly comprehensive terms the basic developments at the Institute so that each individual may relate it to his own area of interest without need for “translation”.

From the Desk of Nancy H. McMoneagle - Director's Perspective

A look at TMI from the early '70s to 1990.

From the Desk of Nancy H. McMoneagle: The Early Days

Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle looks at the early days of TMI.

How Robert Monroe United the Rational and the Intuitive

by Leslie France

These days, it’s popular to extol the virtues of the intuitive mind often above those of the rational mind. And, no wonder! After hundreds of years of disparagement (especially in the West) and often downright rejection of our intuitive nature, intuition is regaining acceptance as a viable perceptual modality.

In Appreciation of Helen

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

Dar expresses TMI's appreciation of Helen Warring.

In Memoriam: James Greene

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

A tribute to James Greene.

In Memoriam: Laurie’s Legacy

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

Toward the end of her remarks to participants in each GATEWAY VOYAGE®, Laurie would frequently smile, open her arms, and say, “You are now part of the TMI family.”

In Memoriam: Raymond O. Waldkoetter

by Albert E. Dahlberg, MD

A tribute to Raymond O. Waldkoetter.

In Memoriam: Remembering Marguerite Q. Warren: 1919–2008

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

Dar lovingly reviews the gifts that Rita gave to both her personally and to TMI.

In Memoriam: Robert A. Monroe

A tribute to Bob Monroe.

In Memoriam: Steve Graf

A tribute to Stephen Graf

In Memorium: The Peaceful Passing of Joe Robinson

by Lester Robinson

Lester shares [his] story here in the hope that it will help others whose loved ones are approaching the death transition.

Reasonable Magic & Magical Reason: The Philosophy of Robert Monroe

by Joseph M. Felser, PhD

Dr. Felser's keynote address at the Twentieth Professional Seminar.

The Center Addition

by Joe McMoneagle

"There are too many innovative thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions invested within the addition to be listed here. Most are a result of the care and devotion to the project by the ultimate innovator, Bob Monroe."