Binaural Beats Research

Accessing Anomalous States of Consciousness with a Binaural Beat Technology

by F. Holmes Atwater

Abstract — Exposure to binaural beats in an environment of restricted stimulation coupled with a guidance process can safely provide access to and experiences in many propitious states of consciousness. This method requires a unique combination of well-understood psycho-physiological inductive techniques with the addition of a refined binaural-beat technology. Binaural beats provide potential consciousness-altering information to the brain’s reticular activating system. The reticular activating system in turn interprets and reacts to this information by stimulating the thalamus and cortex thereby altering arousal states, attentional focus, and the level of awareness, i.e., the elements of consciousness itself. This effective binaural-beat process offers a wide variety of beneficial applications and vehicle for the exploration of expanded states of consciousness.

Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance & Mood

by James D. Lane, Stefan J. Kasian, Justine E. Owens, and Gail R. Marsh

This study compared the effects of binaural auditory beats in the EEG beta and EEG theta/delta frequency ranges on mood and on performance of a vigilance task to investigate their effects on subjective and objective measures of arousal. 

Binaural Beats and the Regulation of Arousal Levels

by F. Holmes Atwater, BA


This paper describes two studies. A first study measured the neural accommodation (changes in ongoing or overall brain-wave activity) associated with complex binaural-beat stimuli. A second study, based on the same protocol, measured changes in ongoing brain-wave activity associated with placebo stimuli.

EEG and Subjective Correlates of Alpha-Frequency Binaural-Beat Stimulation Combined with Alpha Biofeedback

by Dale S. Foster

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of alpha-frequency binaural-beat stimulation combined with alpha biofeedback on alpha-frequency brain-wave production and subjective experience of mental and physical relaxation.

Effects of Long-Term Participation in the Monroe Institute Programs-Phases 1 and 2

by Cam Danielson

The Monroe Institute (TMI), through its patented sound technology, has demonstrated changes in focused states of consciousness for thousands of individuals over the last 30 years. While ongoing research at the Institute on the nature of different states of consciousness is yielding rich insights into human development, a continuing challenge for the leadership of TMI is to understand how repeated exposure to Hemi- Sync® technology in controlled workshop environments affects the quality of individual lives.

Inducing States of Consciousness with a Binaural Beat Technology

by F. Holmes Atwater

Altering consciousness to provide a wide range of beneficial effects (stress-reducing relaxation, improved sleep, intuitive, creative, meditative, healing, and expanded-learning states, etc.) necessarily involves either changing levels of arousal or cognitive content or both.

... Integrated with other sensory-information techniques, social-psychological conditioning tools, and educational curriculum, binaural beats can provide access to a variety of beneficial applications and first-person experiences of expanded states of consciousness.

Using Binaural Beats to Enhance Attention

by Robert O. Sornson, Ed.S

Bob has been a teacher for twenty-four years and served as executive director of special education for Northville Public Schools in Northville, Michigan. He co-edited the book Teaching and Joy and regularly conducts staff and parent trainings on attention problems, individual learning differences, teaching and parenting with love and logic, and the development of learning potential in young children. Bob considers himself an innovative educator and collaborated with TMI to create On Becoming a Lifelong Learner, an album for teenage and adult students.