Hemi-Sync® & SAM Tech Research

Binaural Beats and the Regulation of Arousal Levels

by F. Holmes Atwater, BA


This paper describes two studies. A first study measured the neural accommodation (changes in ongoing or overall brain-wave activity) associated with complex binaural-beat stimuli. A second study, based on the same protocol, measured changes in ongoing brain-wave activity associated with placebo stimuli.

Designer Sound

by Dean Lusted, MD

The Monroe Effect is a psychophysiologic change induced by binaural beat input of two or more specifically identified, electronically engineered sound patterns.

Effects of Long-Term Participation in the Monroe Institute Programs-Phases 1 and 2

by Cam Danielson

The Monroe Institute (TMI), through its patented sound technology, has demonstrated changes in focused states of consciousness for thousands of individuals over the last 30 years. While ongoing research at the Institute on the nature of different states of consciousness is yielding rich insights into human development, a continuing challenge for the leadership of TMI is to understand how repeated exposure to Hemi- Sync® technology in controlled workshop environments affects the quality of individual lives.

Induction Of Expanded States of Consciousness Using Spatial Angle Modulation Audio Support Technology

by F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater

In 2008 The Monroe Institute began to investigate a complementary method of producing the consciousness altering effects of Hemi-Sync®, a safe and effective essential component of our educational programs for decades.  We were looking for an audio support technology that would extend the range, scope and flexibility of our seminar programs and educational materials.  The new Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) technology was developed to meet those requirements.  SAM will not replace existing Hemi-Sync products or programs, but will hopefully provide the platform for future seminar programs and educational materials.

Is it Real or is it Hemi-Sync®?

by Gloria DeVoss

Gloria, an oncology social worker and a TMI Professional Member, has been offering patients the use of Hemi-Sync® tapes ever since she experienced for herself their health-promoting qualities. The solution to a long-term Hemi-Sync mystery prompted her to write this letter.

Light, Sound, & Hemi-Sync®

The strength and uniqueness of Hemi-Sync is not simply that it employs binaural beats, or even that it uses frequency following response (FFR). Hemi-Sync’s advantage is in the precisely identified wave forms, blended and sequenced over time into specific, complex frequency patterns.

Peak and Other Exceptional Experiences During the GATEWAY Voyage

by Todd J. Masluk, MA, EdM

One program in which audioguidance is used is the GATEWAY VOYAGE® conducted at The Monroe Institute® (TMI). Anecdotal reports suggest that peak or similar experiences are a common occurrence during this program, and participants’ lives are often dramatically changed by these events. The unusual frequency and consistency with which such events reportedly occur constitute a phenomenon worthy of investigation. However, to date there have been no systematic attempts to confirm these claims by empirical means.

What Is Hemi-Sync?

by Leslie France

In response to this question, The Monroe Institute has published quantities of explanatory literature over the years. By now, most people with a lively curiosity about mind-brain technology know many the following.

What is SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation™) and How Does it Compare to Hemi-Sync?

By James Lewis, PhD

How do SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation™) and Hemi-Sync® compare?

Both are Monroe audio technologies designed to lead listeners into targeted brain-mind states for the purpose of exploring and expanding the uses and understanding of consciousness.