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Hemi-Sync® Case Studies from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

Hemi-Sync® is one of many resources that Dr. Mandlin provides to her patients. She shares their responses in the case studies below.

Multiple Uses of Hemi-Sync® in Clinical Medicine

by Ralph J. Luciani, D.O., M.S., Ph.D.

The use of the Hemi-Sync process has proven to have significant clinical use for various problems from pain management to relaxation therapy. Its uses are limited only by our lack of application. Wherever and whenever the integration of body, mind, and spirit is a therapeutic goal, Hemi-Sync can be of invaluable assistance.

Positive Immunity: Pilot Program - Hemi-Sync® and Aids

by James R. Greene

James Greene, CEO of Flashback Enterprises and educator, has twenty years of experience in the hair industry—product and distribution, advanced cosmetology instruction, and photostyling and fashion. His thirteen-year association with TMI began with the M-5000 Club. In addition to the Positive Immunity pilot program presented here, he is presently developing a program of Hemi-Sync for cosmetology schools.

The Effect of Hemispheric Synchronization on Intraoperative Analgesia

by Ariane K. Lewis, Irene P. Osborn, MD, and Ram Roth, MD

This study sought to confirm the results of a previous study by P. Kliempt et al. (Anaesthesia, 1999, 54:769-73), which suggested that patients who listened to Hemi-Sync® would require less analgesia than those who listened to either classical music or blank tapes. “…patients in the blank tape and classical music groups required on average 4.5 times as much fentanyl as the patients in the Hemi-Sync® group”.