Perceptual Studies Research

An Informal Research Project with a Hearing-Impaired Participant

by Linda Leblanc

This report examines ways in which Hemi-Sync® may benefit the deaf builds on work by fellow Professional Member Helene N. Guttman, PhD.

Analyzing Results from the Remote Viewing Practicum

by Stephen Graf, Ph.D.

During the Remote Viewing Practicum conducted at The Monroe Institute during the week of September 28 to October 4, twenty-four double-blind, independently judged, remote-viewing trials were conducted “for the record” as an integral part of the educational program.

Applications of Altered States of Consciousness in Daily Life

by Ruth-Inge Heinze, PhD

The following paper was presented at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division), Los Angeles on March 31, 1994.

Beyond 20-20

by Pauline Johnson, M.S.

Pauline presented a detailed account of the vision improvement techniques she has developed, initially to help with her son’s dyslexia.

Brainwave and Oxygen-Saturation Correlates During a Ritual-Induced State of Consciousness

by F. Holmes Atwater, BS

This study examined brain-wave patterns and oxygen-saturation levels associated with participation in a traditional ritual conducted in the ceremonial cave located under the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The following is an excerpt from an article in the February 1980, issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Hemi-Sync® and Vision Improvement

by Jean Gold

" have been doing some very exciting work with a holistic eye doctor, and have begun to incorporate the Monroe tapes to induce Hemi-Sync while doing the exercises. The results have been tremendous on the area of the re-learning process and of steadiness of attention while doing the eye work."

Hemi-Sync® in the Dream Temple

by Joan Lundgren, Ph.D.

The lucid dreaming tapes that TMI is developing can open a new door that is extremely important at our current stage of consciousness evolution.

Hemi-Sync®’s Impact On Remote Viewing

by Joseph McMoneagle

As a featured presenter at the 1995 Professional Seminar, Joe reviewed his work for the past eighteen years. Differences between remote viewing targets done before and after his introduction to Hemi-Sync were emphasized. He also outlined his theory of Hemi-Sync’s value in the arena of paranormal functioning and as a major supportive tool for general creativity.

Integrating Paradigms

by Justine Owens, Ph.D.

Using the NDE as a model, Justine demonstrates that scientific research is both feasible and a crucial component of the developing cultural paradigm shift.

Integration of Yoga and Hemi-Sync®: Some Beginning Considerations

 by Richard Carstens

Integral Yoga is defined, methods of instruction are outlined, the student/patient population is described, and the use of Hemi-Sync within these parameters is presented. Plans for the coming year are discussed. Objective criteria have not been utilized and no serious attempts have been made to use Hemi-Sync with affective, paranoid, or schizophrenic disorders.

Intuitive Diagnosis

by Winter, M.S., M.Ed.

(Discussion from the Fifth Annual Professional Seminar)

Preparing to Use Binaural Beat Sound with Deaf Clients

by Helene Guttman, PhD

"As a result of this study with control subjects, I am in the process of including various Hemi-Sync-embedded tapes with deaf clients, and I encourage others to do so, too."

PSI and Hemi-Sync® (Parts I and II)

by Linda Leblanc

Linda looks at psychokenesis and out-of-body experiences.

Shamanism and Hemi-Sync® in the Medical Encounter

by Cecile A. Carson, M.D.

An internist and counselor, Dr. Carson has focused her work over the past several decades on the mind-body-spirit interface in teaching and clinical care, and in particular while working with people who are facing life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and HIV disease.

The New Medicine/Group Mind Update

by Project Leader Teena Anderson

This group assembled in response to information which came through in a lab session at TMI in the spring of 1987, indicating that the Professional Seminar would present an opportunity for interdisciplinary professionals to initiate a unique and powerful method of healing, which could alter our fundamental concepts about illness and wellness. The concept of a “group mind” developed as the vehicle for this change. 

The Value of Dying

by Joseph McMoneagle

In his presentation at the Professional Seminar, Joe gave a personal account of his own NDE’s (near-death experiences) and offered an overview of the research and theory surrounding the NDE phenomenon.

Training Out-of-Body Experiences in the Sleep Lab: Preliminary Observations

Roy D. Salley, Ph.D., Lome Ruby, M.D., Glen White, M.A., and Rick Martin

"We have established a small study to explore the use of dreaming sleep (REM periods) for the induction of out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) in trained subjects."

Traveling the Interdimensional Interstate

by Jo Buchanan


What Do You See?

by Jenny Lauren Lee

Emotion may help the visual system jump the gun to predict what the brain will see.