Psychology Research

Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Therapy

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Hemi-Sync®: A Healing of the Self

by Gary Chaikin, MD

Dr. Chaikin has a special interest in the applications of an integral psychology and is assisting clients to handle difficulties in their lives and evolve their awareness through a biopsychosocial model. Recently he has begun to incorporate altered states of consciousness into that model.


Hemi-Sync®: A Promising New Technology For Personal Growth

by Ralph Wiggins, Ph. D.

"After using Hemi-Sync tapes for slightly more than a year, I am both pleased and excited with the results I have been experiencing both personally and with my clients. I am intrigued with the idea of using technology which is accessible to everyone to effect positive changes in brain wave activity, thus facilitating positive changes in mental and emotional states. I look forward to discovering further benefits as I continue to explore and work with Hemi-Sync."

Impact on Psychotherapy: 3 Hemi-Sync® Case Histories

by Dwight Eaton, Ph.D.; James Thomas, Ph.D.

The following case history represents Dr. Eaton’s first experience utilizing Hemi-Sync with a therapy client.

Introducing Hemi-Sync® to Clients in Psychotherapy

by Laura Batchelor, M.A.

In this article, Ms. Batchelor discusses her methods of introducing and applying Hemi-Sync in the therapeutic process.

Measuring Inner and Outer Behavioral Effects of Hemi-Sync®

by Stephen Graf, Ph.D.

I’d like to share some insights gleaned from working in the field of behavior measurement, where some of these measurement difficulties have been solved using Standard Celeration Charting.

Oh, the Stories I Could Tell: Hemi-Sync® in Family Therapy

by Debra D. Davis, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

I attended the Gateway in 1988 and Guidelines® in 1989. Bob Monroe asked me to “please” submit in writing the stories he heard me telling at breakfast on one of the mornings he joined us. I never got around to it. The stories have multiplied manyfold since then. In honor of Bob’s transition, I’m now sharing some of these stories. The focus will be mainly on the children with whom I’ve used Hemi-Sync® since 1988. When possible, I’ll explain how the decision is made to use Hemi-Sync with a particular client and why particular tapes are chosen.

Reflections on Using Hemi-Sync® in Psychotherapy

by Sylvia B. Perera, M.A.

I used the 201B Hemi-Sync Synthesizer in sessions with five patients during a month-long “research” period to try to estimate what effects the use of Hemi-Sync might have. I prepared the clients differently for the use of a mechanical adjunct to the usual therapy, and I noted individual results.

Results Of Use Of Hemi-Sync® Tapes And Synthesizer As Support For Personal Counseling And Therapy

by Susan Cord

Through the South Bay Body-Mind Connection, I have used the Hemi-Sync technology for three years in conjunction with my work as a Reiki and Seichim teacher and master therapist. Reiki and Seichim are techniques for directly interacting with the subtle body energy systems of a client.

Serendipity in the Use of Hemi-Sync® with Multiple, Anxiety-Related Symptoms: A Case Discussion

by Arthur D. Haggerty, PhD, FACHCA

Dr. Haggerty has a special interest in stress as a factor in the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and has developed preliminary protocols for Hemi-Sync application in this area. He also includes Hemi-Sync as a support to therapy for substance-abuse patients.

Stories from the Front Lines: Hemi-Sync® in Family Therapy

by Debra D. Davis, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

Debra D. Davis has practiced as a counselor for nineteen years and is licensed in Texas as a professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. Her caseload includes contract counseling with a community agency, consultation with entrepreneurs seeking to more productively manage their business and personal relationships, and private clients. Attending the Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines® made Debra aware of the potential for using Hemi-Sync in her work.

Synchrotherapy and Hemi-Sync®

by Dominique A. De Backer, Ph.D.

There is no reason for thinking that the world—that reality—is limited to what we habitually perceive in our normal waking state. There are even abundant reasons for thinking that many things found in our environment escape us. Every single culture on earth, apart from ours in the West, contends that our plane of existence is not the only one and that others coexist with ours and are somehow dovetailed with it. They also say that these other planes of existence are accessible and can be experienced, providing we change our state of consciousness.


The Effect of Binaural Beat Technology on the Cardiovascular Stress Response in Military Service Members With Postdeployment Stress


MeLisa A. Gantt, PhD, RN, CNOR, RNFA1, Stephanie Dadds, BSN, RN2, Debra S. Burns, PhD, MT-BC3, Dale Glaser, PhD4, & Angelo D. Moore, PhD, MSN, FNP-BC5


To assess the efficacy of embedded theta brainwave frequency inmusic using binaural beat technology (BBT) compared to music alone on the cardiovascular stress response in military service members with postdeployment stress.

Three Case Studies

by Stuart Twemlow

“A number of patients who have regularly practiced with the tapes have found that they’ve become much more reflective, less physically active, and more satisfied with quieter sorts of hobbies and day-to-day activities. Becoming more inwardly turned is a characteristic of people who learn to utilize sources of gratification within their own heads rather than having to constantly turn to the outside world for gratification.”