Surgery Research

A Controlled Medical Study Using Hemi-Sync® Audio Tapes During Surgery

We are pleased to announce the results of a controlled medical study involving the use of Hemi-Sync during surgery. These results were published in Anaethesia, August 1999, 54, pages 769-773 in an article entitled “Hemispheric-synchronization during anaethesia: a double-blind randomized trial using audio tapes for intra-operative nociception control,” copyright 1999, Blackwell Science Ltd.

Banishing Doubt

by Dirk Dunning

 Despite attending the Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines® (twice), Lifeline® (twice), Heartline, and Exploration 27®, Dirk Dunning still sometimes wondered if his experiences in the far reaches of consciousness could be trusted. In the aftermath of a serious accident, he reaffirmed a Different Overview of anomalous healing and the powers of the mind.

Coping With Surgery

by Mary Lou Ballweg

The following article on Ms. Ballweg’s use of the EMERGENCY SERIES to decrease pain and anxiety relative to surgery is excerpted and reprinted from the Endometriosis Association Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 6, with its permission.

Emergency Series (now The Surgical Support Series) with Three Surgery Patients

by Suzanne E. Jonas, Ed.D. and Juan C. Penhos, M.D., F.A.C.S

Emergency Series For Cancer Surgery

by Janet Stallo Landers

Janet Stallo Landers, a GATEWAY OUTREACH trainer, writes about use of the EMERGENCY SERIES for cancer surgery.

Emergency Series Research Progresses

by Arthur Gladman, MD

"Robert Monroe developed the Emergency Series (now called Surgical Support) of six tapes for use before, during, and after surgery in 1977. Since that time, I have had a number of opportunities to recommend the tapes to friends and patients all over the United States. In every instance, there were reports of absence of anesthetic hangover effects, little or no pain, and early discharge from the hospital. In other words, the tapes facilitated rapid recovery."

Experience with Surgical Tapes

by David Edgar, Ed.D.

When I learned I had skin cancer and needed surgery I decided to use the MIAS Emergency Treatment tapes. [Now available as the SURGICAL SUPPORT SERIES.] I was unable to provide for adequate monitoring of the effect of the tapes because of the rapidity of events. But what did happen is quite positive from the point of view of Bob’s tapes.

Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

Several articles from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999, provide an insight in some of the many uses of Hemi-Sync®.

Focus 27 Surgical Support

by SueEllen Hunter

SueEllen discusses helping a friend prepare for knee surgery by taking the friend to Focus 27 during her meditations the day before the first surgery and also sending her Reiki.

Hemi-Sync® as an Aid in Recovery from Surgery

by Susan Cord

In this article, Ms. Cord reports the experiences of three clients who have used Hemi-Sync tapes to aid recovery from surgery. 

Hemi-Sync® Case Studies from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

Hemi-Sync® is one of many resources that Dr. Mandlin provides to her patients. She shares their responses in the case studies below.

Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Surgery

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Hemi-Sync® in My Psychiatric Practice

by Jonathan H. Holt, MD

"These and other successes inspire me to work and hope for more complete integration of psychiatric and psychological services into the hospital system. I am negotiating with the various services to make Hemi-Sync more readily available. Hospital television already has a relaxation channel. Current offerings could be expanded to include Hemi-Sync presentations and instruction in using a variety of Hemi-Sync tapes, as well as consciousness expansion methods. Both patients and their caregivers stand to benefit from a partnership between standard interventions and complementary resources."

Hemi-Sync®and Surgery: Hemispheric Synchronization and Perioperative Pain Control

by Christine Homer-Taylor, M.D.

This report was delivered during Surgical Grand Rounds at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Michael Leadbetter, MD, performed the surgery.

Personal Testimonial on the Emergency Treatment (now Surgical Support) Series

by Gari Carter

Gari describes the results of using Hemi-Sync® exercises for multiple surgeries.

Results Of Emergency Treatment Tapes (now the Surgical Support Series) Used In Back Surgery

by Bob Roalfe, MD

Bob Roalfe reports on the use of Hemi-Sync® exercises during surgery.

Results Of Emergency Treatment Tapes (now the Surgical Support Series) Used In Splenectomy

by Nicola Gilbert

Nicola reports on the use of TMI exercises during surgery.

Use Of Hemi-Sync® with Surgical Patients

by Bob Roalfe, M.D.

Bob Roalfe is an anesthesiologist from California who has used the Hemi-Sync Emergency Treatment Series tapes with a number of his patients. He presented a number of case studies that represented the range of responses to the tapes.

Use of the Emergency Series (now the Surgical Support Series) During Multiple Surgeries

by Gari Carter

Nine years ago, Gari Carter sustained near-fatal injuries which permanently transformed the direction and purpose of her life. Thus began her long and courageous journey from pain, fear, and disfigurement to health and wholeness. Ms. Carter has documented her experiences in Face It, a book about her accident, reconstruction, and recovery. The following is an excerpt from her manuscript.

Using Hemi-Sync® Tapes to Reduce Surgery-Related Anxiety: A Case Discussion

by Arthur D. Haggerty, Ph.D. FAIS

"The Hemi-Sync system is at the heart of this approach, plus tapes with similar features that are personalized for the unique problems and symptoms of each patient. All of my patients and I have been impressed and pleased with the results."