Roles and Benefits of Professional Division Membership



Roles and Benefits

There are many people making professional contributions to the furtherance of the work of TMI. These manifest in a variety of ways, including but not limited to

  • Training TMI programs (Outreach, Residential, International, Online)
  • Engaging in leadership activities through the Local Chapter Network (LCN)
  • Conducting research and submitting data-based and anecdotal reporting
  • Using TMI resources at work or with special interest groups, e.g. hospice
  • Undertaking projects to assist in the furtherance of TMI goals and objectives locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Volunteering professional services to TMI on-site

The Professional Division of the Monroe Institute is an elite corps of these individuals who have made the commitment not only to contribute to the work of TMI in one or more of the ways listed, but also to report on their activities and observations. This information is often disseminated through blogs, newsletters, eBooks, and other media channels.

Members of the TMI PD receive

  • recognition for their contributions in the form of an annual Certificate of Membership
  • a flash drive containing a digital data base file of all articles and publications of  TMI from the 1970s forward
  • discounts in the bookstore
  • quarterly audio downloads
  • opportunities to publish the results of their work with Monroe technologies
  • an invitation to register for the biennial Professional Seminar, a 5-day residential conference featuring internationally recognized speakers, presentations by members, previews of new Hemi-Sync® and SAM offerings, and reports on the state of the art of Monroe technologies

In addition the following resources are available to PD members.

  • A PD Members Page, where Members may share professional and autobiographical information.
  • A public Resources section on the Website with access to audio and video files, and several hundred documents from the files of TMI publications.
  • A private Professional Division blog, accessible only to members in good standing.
  • A private Facebook page.


Membership Fee

Membership in the Professional Division of The Monroe Institute costs $150.00 per year for a single membership, and $200.00 for a couple. 
Residential and Outreach Trainers receive a $50.00 discount.

Apply for Membership

Individuals wishing to apply for the Professional Division Membership should complete the  Professional Division Membership Application,
which is subject to acceptance by The Monroe Institute.

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