Dowsing- A Self-Empowering Seminar

Dowsing- A Self-Empowering Seminar


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Add Power to Thought to Positively Influence Behavior

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Prerequisites: None

Focused thoughts and intentions transform the subtle energy we create. Dowsing allows us the joy of seeing the results of this subtle energy change, as it occurs; to measure it and to know it is real.

Dowsing is many things to many people and limited only by our imagination as to the ways it can be used to enhance our lives. It is a tool to help us develop our own deep knowing and intuition.

Reveal and quantify the physical manifestation of our focused
thoughts and intentions.

In this activity-packed program, world-renowned dowser and author Raymon Grace guides you to:

  • Add power to thoughts
  • Send healing energy over distance
  • Overcome fears
  • Utilize a Native American healing technique to reach spirit realms
  • Positively influence behaviors
  • Employ techniques for attracting prosperity
  • ...and much more.

Dowsing has been used throughout history as a powerful and
effective method of creating positive change. 
Join us for this seminar and learn from
Raymon Grace.

You can transform your life by changing your thoughts. It’s time to stack the deck of life in your favor.



Your Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute - Nancy Penn Center TMI is the premier experiential residential education center for exploring expanded states of consciousness. For the past 40 years, literally tens of thousands of people just like you have attended our residential programs. People from all walks of life including doctors, engineers, healers, therapists, clergy, homemakers, artists and executives have come to The Monroe Institute looking to expand their consciousness.


Our Powerful 2-day/2-night All-inclusive Dowsing Program Offers:

  • Semi-private accommodations
  • 3 delicious home-style meals a day
  • Transportation to and from airport (see details)
  • As well as access to walking/hiking trails, complimentary WiFi
Dowsing Event Date06/22/2018 to 06/24/2018
LocationVirginia Campus
State in USAVirginia
Country LocationUnited States
Language English