New Building Fund


We are embarking on the most exciting era since our founding more than 40 years ago. The Monroe Institute is poised to take on an increasingly larger role as a leader in human consciousness training, education, and research.

- Nancy H. McMoneagle, TMI President and Executive Director

Campus Revitalization

Our Virginia campus is a popular destination for the consciousness community. For forty years we have proudly maintained and enlarged our facilities on two campus locations within the 300 acres we call home in Nelson County, Virginia. The lovely building and grounds require constant care. In addition to ongoing maintenance and restoration, we envision new construction to enable expanded offerings here at TMI. 

We Conduct 55 Programs a Year

Our Campus Revitalization plan is beginning with the installation of high-speed Internet, a community mobilization effort that TMI led early this year. This and other facility upgrades will ensure that TMI is well-positioned to serve the current and next generation of explorers and changemakers seeking transformative experiences. 

We Host 1,200 Individuals at Residential Programs Every Year

Highlights of our ten-year plan include new construction and a sustainable organic garden. The new building design focuses on guest comfort, including en suite bathrooms, exercise and sauna spaces, and a year-round swimming pool, all with a low carbon footprint.  A state-of-the-art Research Center will be the centerpiece of our Campus Revitalization Plan project, and a place that the world can call its premier human consciousness laboratory.  

We Have a Corps of 22 Residential Trainers and Staff of 23

For a detailed partnership plan and prospectus please contact: Penny Harrison, Director of Development at 434-361-1500.


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